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Ezekiel Myers
Ezekiel Myers

Tempting Devils (2018) [Extra Quality]

Tempting Devils (2018), A woman discovers curious erotic messages on a lost cell phone in the train. When she meets the owner of the phone, a liberated young woman, the two of them embark on an erotic journey.

Tempting Devils (2018)

I made this pie after a bracing walk on a wintry Welsh beach, a long stretch of sand lined with pines on one side and tempting glistening sea on the other. Icy cold, we dipped our toes in then ran to the car. On the drive home I became fixated on pie and an hour or so later we were eating a comforting crust of mashed cauliflower on top of a rich lentil ragu, cooked until the lentils were almost soft. Its warmth spread all the way to our feet. I use cauliflower but you could also use potato or a mix of roots. 041b061a72


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