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J-Hope In The Box (2023) ~REPACK~

The Pitch: In July of 2022, j-hope became the first member of BTS to officially release a full-length solo project. Jack in the Box is a wildly compelling album, a surprising, well-balanced, and incredibly creative piece of work that allowed the rapper and dance leader of the biggest pop group on the planet to formally re-introduce himself.

J-Hope in the Box (2023)

Shortly after the album was released, all eyes were on j-hope when he made history as the first South Korean artist to headline a major music festival. Lollapalooza was thereby dubbed Hobipalooza, and a sea of over 100,000 people packed the lawn of Grant Park, where the artist ran through a set that included cuts from Jack in the Box as well as a handful of tracks from his 2018 mixtape, Hope World, and some favorites from the BTS canon.

It was an athletic and visibly exhausting set, and now you can witness what went into its creation. In a new documentary now available on Disney+ Friday, February 17th, viewers get the chance to see the lead-up that went into the headlining appearance, as well as the creation of the album itself and footage from the listening party where j-hope debuted the album to friends, industry members, and his beloved bandmates.

For 200 days, the daily life of artist j-hope is captured. From his production of solo album "Jack in the Box" and listening party, this documentary follows him all the way to his debut on the stage of "Lollapalooza."

came for behind the scenes of his album, got to experience truckload of emotions & realisations. the importance of supportive people. the hours spent locked in the studio screaming over lyrics not coming out. sleeping in your parents' house and having a warm meal made by mom. 'super pumping' heart because for the first time you're standing on your own in front of 100k people who love you so much they'd wait in queues all day for you. even considering this merely overwhelming is an understatement. being a musician who can't sleep at night because he doesn't want to take anything for granted. a decade in the industry, the dedication never budged from its original place. j-hope as an artist redefines what sincerity truly is and how far it can take you.and the scary part is that he's just 29.

The BTS member will be dropping a commentary cut of his first-ever solo documentary, where fans can get insights and comments from the award-winning rapper himself. "I'll speak as if I'm watching this with ARMY," said j-hope.

j-hope IN THE BOX Commentary will be available to watch exclusively via Weverse. It will be free for those who already previously purchased the documentary, while others can avail the film, including its commentary, for USD 21.99.

Parents need to know that the documentary j-hope in the Box offers an inside look at the first South Korean artist to headline a major U.S. music festival. The film has minimal language ("s--t," "damn") and drinking (at events). The musician comes across as a hardworking, generous, and humble artist who is appreciative of both his success and the people who have helped him along the way, including his parents, colleagues, and friends. That includes the members of BTS, the band j-hope rose to fame with. The film could certainly inspire interest in purchasing j-hope's debut solo album and other BTS albums and merchandise.

The documentary J-HOPE IN THE BOX follows South Korean musician Jung Ho-seok on the promotional tour for his first solo album. The musician, known as j-hope, rose to fame as a member of the boy band BTS. He expresses his anxieties and intentions with his solo album. The film offers a behind-the-scenes look at how the artist composes music, stages videos, choreographs staging, and prepares for a listening party and other promotional events leading to his performance at 2022's Lollapalooza concert in Chicago. He was the first South Korean artist to headline this festival, so expectations were high. He also takes the camera home with him for a visit with his parents and a walk around the town where he grew up.

This is a very talky documentary, so beyond j-hope stans, viewers who don't speak fluent Korean will need to be prepared for a lot of subtitles. But j-hope in the Box is an entertaining film for two main reasons. First, j-hope comes across as a sweet and hardworking artist with fears and dreams just like the rest of us. The way he stays after events to thank and hug every worker is given extended screen time. Second, the musician made history with his performance at Lollapalooza, so the behind-the-scenes look at his preparation and nerves leading up to the show has added interest and even some historical value.

It might have been nice to add more characters into this film, as happens with BTS bandmate Jimin when he visits j-hope in Chicago. For example, at a listening party, j-hope mentions there are personalities from across South Korea's film, music, and dance worlds, but no names or further details are provided. When he goes to visit his parents in his childhood home, they never appear on-screen. In the film's pursuit of insight into j-hope, it forgets to give more perspectives on its subject than his own.

Families can talk about how j-hope in the Box tries to give a well-rounded portrait of its subject. What did you learn about him? If you're a fan, did you learn anything you didn't previously know?

An ensemble worn by South Korean rapper j-hope, of the internationally acclaimed K-Pop group BTS, during the album cover shoot for his debut solo album Jack in the Box (Big Hit Music, 2022).The ensemble includes a black utility-style jumpsuit with two front pockets, two breast pockets, two cargo pockets, two back pockets, and a buckle belt, with a QR code sticker on the interior, labeled, "99% IS," size 3 (Korean sizing); a black 100% cotton t-shirt with distressing along the hem and neckline, with a QR code sticker on the interior, labeled "99% IS," size 3 (Korean sizing); and a black ribbed bunny ear beanie with wiring in the interior lining, no size or label present.Accompanied by a photo of j-hope wearing the ensemble.In a video documenting the album shoot, posted on BTS's official YouTube channel, j-hope shared: "I'm thinking of an album art that also has me in it, and I'm honored to say that art designer KAWS agreed to create a great art cover. It's a great honor. I'm so happy that I can't hold it in."

The documentary J-Hope In The Box follows South Korean rapper and member of K-pop group BTS, j-hope, as he prepares to release his first solo album, Jack In The Box. The film promises an intimate, never-before-seen look at the creative challenges faced during the album's production process, as well as a chance to witness j-hope's 2022 Lollapalooza performance and the album's listening party. J-hope, whose real name is Jung Hoseok, is widely recognized for his exceptional dance skills and upbeat personality. Alongside his work with BTS and Jack In The Box, he has also released a successful mixtape called Hope World.

J-Hope In The Box is a documentary about global music phenomenon, South Korean rapper, and member of the popular K-pop group BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan), j-hope, as he embarks on the journey to release his first solo album, Jack In The Box. J-Hope, whose real name is Jung Hoseok, is known for his energetic and upbeat personality, as well as exceptional dance skills. In addition to his work with BTS and Jack In The Box, J-Hope has released a mixtape called Hope World in 2018, which was well-received by fans and critics. The film claims to offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the creative struggles involved in Jack In The Box's production, as well as an opportunity to witness j-hope's 2022 Lollapalooza performance and the album's listening party.

Brandalyn V wrote (sic), "j-hope IN THE BOX is an amazing documentary providing phenomenal insight into the hardworking and brilliant artist j-hope, as he takes us on his journey through his first solo album and headliner performance at Lollapalooza. I've become a fan of his for life and I look forward to many more of his solo endeavors."

Often nicknamed the "sunshine" of Korean septet BTS, rapper and dancer j-hope has officially shown us that it's possible to be a light without being limited to one emotion. His highly anticipated debut studio album, entitled Jack in the Box, dropped July 15.

The project was teased to show a darker and more mature side of j-hope, and the end result is just as enjoyable as one could imagine. The rapper's previous 2018 mixtape, Hope World, and 2019 single "Chicken Noodle Soup" featuring Becky G were high energy and danceable, but j-hope has graduated to a new level of artistry that transcends any limits previously placed on him.

The album contains 10 tracks, including the hip-hop-inspired and rock-infused lead single, "More." On his fiery second single, "Arson," j-hope poignantly tells haters to "f off" and details his journey as a popular music act. He continues to explore various emotions with raw honesty throughout the rest of the tracks on Jack in the Box,* including "Pandora's Box," "STOP" and "Future."

Just two weeks after the release of Jack in the Box, j-hope will bring the album to the stage at Lollapalooza on July 31. It marks a history-making performance, as j-hope will be the first Korean artist to headline a major music festival.

With the platform j-hope has, his choice to uplift different communities is admirable and will surely touch the hearts of many. Social change has always been at the core of BTS, so this is an unsurprising yet welcome message to receive.

He adds his own flavor, but tackles the rebellion and societal critique that is key in the genre, even more specifically from the '90s. On tracks like "=(Equal Sign)" and "Future", j-hope harmonizes like a natural born singer, further showcasing his versatility. His voice is laced with passion as he bounces between rapping and singing throughout the 10 tracks. 041b061a72


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