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Purple Motus WORK

The words that she spoke were soft and beautiful - they rolled off the tongue and seemed to echo upon the breeze before fading into the silence of the night which surrounded them. There was magic in the air as they sat beside the fire, looking out upon a world they'd never imagined might be out there. This was very different from home, far removed from the hustle of the city streets and the strife of work. Out here they could be fully as themselves, attached to the plants and wild things which grew here in a way that did not make sense but felt warm and kind. This was a purple world...When this one hit the inbox we were all quite excited. Genius of Time are one of our favourite duos and the pair have been quiet in recent times. This is their first release for a few years and it demonstrates just how magnificent they are when it comes to building mystical euphoria through melodies, samples and drums.This is the third track from the EP which is forthcoming on Oath, we suggest you play it loud.

Purple Motus

This smaller backpack is designed with the younger skaters in mind. The Cádomotus Urban Flow Gear Bag has a separate skate pocket on the outside that hold your ice or inline skates. The main compartment is for a change of clothes and/or your helmet. The shoulder strap pockets fit a phone, a gel or a granola bar and there is a mesh side pocket that holds your water bottle. In the smaller, easy access, pockets you can put smaller stuff like a wallet or sunglasses.

This year, Dr. Williams will focus her research on the next life stage -juvenile migration- which from previous research is known to cause high mortality in purple martins. How do researchers study this life stage? New technologies in wildlife tracking are making it possible to monitor even small-bodied birds such as martins. Amazingly, tag transmitters are now light enough to be safely carried by small birds and have the battery life to transmit data for more than 1 year without the need to recapture the bird.

Another goal of the project is to better understand the localized movements of purple martin fledglings and adults around the breeding ground prior to fall migration. Knowing more about all the project aims will make a substantial contribution to help us better understand the purple martin, a native cavity nesting species of conservation concern.

A bird can safely carry 3% of its body weight. Our fledging martins weigh an average of 50 grams and their tags will weigh just 0.9 grams plus the elastic, giving us peace of mind that we are well under welfare guidelines. All this telemetry equipment will of course cost money! The support for this purple martin project will come from the Friends of Iroquois NWR, Inc., the Buffalo Ornithological Society, the North American Bluebird Society, New York State Bluebird Society and the Purple Martin Conservation Association. Other tax-deductible contributions are welcome and can be made to FINWR, Inc. 1101 Casey Road, Basom, NY 14013, or at the website at with a note that they be designated toward purple martin research.

Pidwerbesky, 22, a fourth-year honours science student at the University of Manitoba, is investigating the migration of two international migrants: purple martins (Progne subis) and their prey, the common green darner dragonfly (Anax junius). 041b061a72


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