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Buy Nottingham Forest Jersey

UNHCR, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, will display their logo across the Forest jerseys starting Jan. 1. This means that they will still play one more match without a main logo on the chest of their shirts. Forest travel to Manchester United on Dec. 27 as their Premier League season resumes after the World Cup break.

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Forest previously had a jersey sponsorship deal with boiler company BOXT during their successful 2021/22 Championship season. However, an agreement to extend their partnership into the current campaign never materialized. The newly promoted team will first display their new jerseys at home against Chelsea on Jan. 1.

At Kitbag, we know that being a fan of a football club often means following the movements of players. That's why we offer the Transfer Shield program, which allows you to purchase an authentic Nottingham Forest jersey with your favorite player's name and number without worrying about the risk of them leaving the club.

With Transfer Shield, if your chosen player leaves the club within ninety days of your purchase, we'll replace your jersey for free! Transfer Shield is just one way that Kitbag shows our commitment to serving football fans worldwide. 041b061a72


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