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Please note that the development repositories may contain faults whichmay be fixed at an unspecified later date, as well as experimental codewhich might not appear in any future production release.Build instructions are contained in the source filesINSTALL (for Unix)or README.WIN32or README.WIN64 (for Windows).Other Hercules-related sites Volker Bandke's Hercules site. This is the site for users of Hercules on Windows, and here you can also obtain Volker's MVS 3.8J turnkey system. -/ Juergen Winkelmann's TK4- update to Volker's turnkey system. Fish's Hercules GUI for Windows. jmorrison/ Jim Morrison's downloads (includes 3380 support for MVS 3.8!) Jay Moseley's Hercules site - lots of Hercules and MVS information Tommy Sprinkle's MVS 3.8 documentation Bob Hansen's MVS 3.8 documentation Malcolm Beattie's MVT/TSO documentation Jay Maynard's S/360 and S/370 public domain software archive George Shedlock's archive of DOS/VS Release 34 and VM/370 software, books, and information Dave Wade's VM/370 archive Rafael Pereira's Standalone Programs and 1401 simulator project Tim Pinkawa's Hercules Page Max Parke's Hercules 2703 Page - TTY, TCAM, 3705 and moreIf you have any questions or comments please consider joining the hercules-390 discussion group at -390.Bug reports for the current release (together with your diagnosis of the fault, please)may be posted at the hercules-390 discussion group.Problems with the developer sandbox version should be enteredinto the Hyperion issue tracker at -390/hyperion/issues.IBM, System/370, ESA/390, and z/Architecture are trademarks orregistered trademarks of IBM Corporation.Other product names mentioned here are trademarks of other companies.Last updated $Date$ $Revision$


Release date: 27 November 2022Official Source and Binaries:Release_4.5Significant performance improvements to CLCLE, CUSE, TRE, TRTE, TRTR and TRTRE instructions(#498,#500,#510,#513,#519,#520)(Thank you James Wekel!)Fix minor bug in STSTU (Search String Unicode) instructionFix minor bug in CMPSC (Compression Call) instructionFix minor bug in PFPO (Perform Floating-Point Operation) instruction (#407)PER 1 GRA (General Register Alteration) support (#87)z/VM TXF PER support (i.e. TXSUSPEND = Event Suppression)PER SKEY supportPER Zero-Address Detection supportBEAR-Enhancement Facility supportDecimal Floating-Point Packed Conversion Facility support (#496)Report and ignore oversized LCS outbound SNA messagesEnsure same serial number on all multi-file images (#276)Fix minor dasdinit negative size parameter bug (#472)Fix minor dasd CCW data-chaining bugImprove CCKD handling of unusual/unexpected errorsMinor corrections to CTCE documentationdasdls: sort display by dataset nameVarious minor cckdmap enhancementsFix rare bug in .HET locate block logic (#518)Disable CCKD automatic garbage collection (#504)Fix hang at exit when MLVL DEBUG is activeFix bug causing DASD corruption with s+ tracingFix 'numcpu' handling bug causing crash (#481)Ensure error message when no config file provided (#483)Fix another possible Windows suspend/resume crash (#489)Customized Offerings Driver (COD) supportNew SYSGPORT config file statement (#505)Various improvements to Linux build scripts (#454, #461)Many other various minor miscellaneous fixes and improvements to both documentation and codeWhat's new in Version 4.4.1Release date: 7 January 2022Official Source and Binaries:Release_4.4.1Refer to the Release notes for SDL Hyperion 4.4.1 web pagefor important and more detailed information regarding some of the changes in this release. Implement new Version string format Return fullword #of cylinders in RDC bytes 60-63 (#456) Also show real address for virtual address during instruction tracing Fix possible Hercules crash after resume from suspend (#458) Improved B220 (SERVC) instruction validation (#460) Fix 20 yr. old CCKD compressed dasd bug causing Locate Record to fail (#464)What's new in Version 4.4Release date: 18 December 2021Official Source and Binaries:Release_4.4Refer to the Release notes for SDL Hyperion 4.4 web pagefor important and more detailed information regarding some of the changes in this release. Fix many SIE arch-dep violation bugs Fix to SIE handling of STFL/STFLE instructions Internal and SIE SKA Storage Key handling fixes Fix VM/ESA OPERATOR userid looping bug Preliminary SIE ESSA/STHYI instructions support Fixes to MVS assist support (#391) ECPS:VM 1.88 fixes ISK/ISKE, IVSK, RRB/RRBE, SSK/SSKE, RRBM, PFMF instruction fixes Fixes to CSP/CSPG/IDTE/IPTE instructions Minor LAA/LAAG (et al.) instructions fix RRBM instruction fix PTFF instruction support for function codes 04, 05, 69 (#363) Fix DAT bug in MVCOS instruction (#349) Local-TLB-Clearing Facility (#77) Nonquiescing Key-Setting Facility (#77) Insert Reference Bits Multiple Facility (#77) Miscellaneous-Instruction-Extensions Facilities 2 and 3 (#77) PPA-in-order facility (#77) Allow modifying "IBM" and undefined facility bits (#353) LCS device fixes and improvements LCS device SNA support (#348) 3270 device connection improvements (#379) CTCE device fixes and improvements (#369) CTCI device fix for VSE (#446) Minor QETH (OSA) device fixes/improvements CCKDMAP utility CFBA/CFBA64 device support Fix to DASDLS utility shadow file logic (#393) CCKDLOAD utility fix (#374) Fix dasd utilities r/o access to r/w images (#355) Minor "faketape" emulated tape format fix Fix possible CRASH during compressed dasd attach/detach PANOPT statement "MSGCOLOR" option PANRATE/PANTITLE replaced by PANOPT Minor MODEL/PLANT/MANUFACTURER statement fixes New -o/--output/--logfile command-line options Hardware loader fix (#185, #337) Minor Rexx support fixes and improvements Minor External Packages updates Fixes to herclin.exe Translation Specification PIC 12 fix Improved TXF reliability and completeness Predefined CPUMODEL $(symbol) values (#263) Improvements to building Hercules on non-Windows platforms Improvements to building Hercules on Windows platforms (#448) Many other minor internal/external fixes and improvementsWhat's new in Version 4.3Release date: 28 November 2020Official Source and Binaries:Release_4.3Refer to the Release notes for SDL Hyperion 4.3 web pagefor important and more detailed information regarding some of the changes in this release. Fix ULONG_PTR typedef build errors on RHEL 6.10 (#245) Add missing 3203 printer to DEVEQU table (#250) Fix driver code incompatibility with other Herculeses (#251) Fix issue where thread names are incorrectly set (#254) Fix missing timestamp in daemon mode; add DATESTAMP option (#259), (#260) Fix CNSLPORT to honor new updated setting (#318) Watchdog monitoring reinstated. New PANOPT option MSGCOLOR=DARK/LIGHT Fix hang/deadlock in device-attention function (#277) Improved CTCE driver functionality (#269), (#273) TCPNJE device support. Refer to the README.TCPNJE document for details (#280) TCPNJE Connectivity And Stability Enhancements Fix RARP (Reverse ARP) Ethernet frame type constant Fix Linux panel high CPU usage (#289) Fix z/VM guest architecture switching (#295) Fix for IPL command without a LOADPARM (#296) Work around VS2019 compiler C4789 Warning bug. Fix crash if incomplete network device group defined. Fix ooRexx v5.0.0. load failure on Apple Mac (#301) Fix crash in CCKD dasd termination logic (#303) Fix KIMD instruction Fix VM FixPage assist Fix channel prefetch buffer overrun crash (#319) Fix instruction stepping invalidation/refetch bug (#321) New z15 Secure Boot (Secure IPL) Diagnose 0x308 support Preliminary (Experimental) Transactional-Execution Facility (TXF) support (#263) MANY other internal fixes and improvementsWhat's new in Version 4.2.1Release date: 10 September 2019Official Source and Binaries:Release_4.2.1Refer to the Release notes for SDL Hyperion 4.2.1 web pagefor more detailed information regarding changes in this release. Make HHC02917 a suppressible msglevel debug only message Fix CKD suffixed read count file protect bug CKD dasd serial number support New "dasdser" serial number utility Fix various VMFPLC2 issues Fix Linux exit/quit hang when no traffic on tuntap device Fix QETH (OSA) missing CSCH interrupt under z/VM Don't pass "&&" async argument to rexx scripts Fix bogus HHC01111W warning and cctape display hercifc network interface configuration utility fixes SIE fix for z/VM z/Arch real mode guests (e.g. zcms) Various important 3215/1052 console fixes Various other minor internal fixes and improvementsWhat's new in Version 4.2Release date: 8 July 2019Official Source and Binaries:Release_4.2Refer to the Release notes for SDL Hyperion 4.2 web pagefor more detailed information regarding changes in this release. Load-and-Zero-Rightmost-Byte Facility Load/Store-on-Condition Facility 2 Full PFPO instruction support Fix AR/SR/AGR/SRG instructions Condition Code bug Improved CKSM, MVST, CLST, SRST instruction performance Optimized CLCL instruction bugfix CSST instruction fix TCPIP X'75' instruction support Improved internal instruction count accuracy New Diagnose F09 (enhanced F08) instruction Fix long standing occasional crash in CCKD logic Fix Shared Devices slow disconnect CKD dasd suffixed Read Count bug fix CCKD64 support QETH/OSA devices HSCH/CSCH instruction fix QETH/OSA multiple IP address support Various QETH/OSA fixes Linux sockdev syn flooding fix Minor LCS Checksum / TCP Segmentation Offload fixes CTCT device support reinstated Tape autoinit fix 3590 Tape C2 Medium Sense CCW fix Various 3270 terminal handling fixes Automatic tn3270 IND$FILE efficiency Enhanced VMFPLC2 utility dasdpdsu utility fix Breakpoint/Stepping optional ASID parameter New PANOPT statement/command Linux crash dump support (no more machine checks) Many various overall reliability, stability and documentation improvementsWhat's new in Version 4.1Release date: 10 November 2018Official Source and Binaries:Release_4.1Refer to the Release notes for SDL Hyperion 4.1 web pagefor more detailed information regarding changes in this release.Jay Moseley 'maketape' utility added to HerculesLRVR, LRV and LRVH eligible added to S37X Facility (Ivan Warren)Fix long standing SIE host addressing prefixing bug (Ivan Warren)External Package support simplified and fixed to support Raspberry PiQETH (OSA) device support fixes (Ian Shorter, Peter Jansen)Various Rexx support fixesDIAG 204 (LPAR information) fix (Ivan Warren)SoftFloat external package updated to version 3e (fixes square root) (Steve Orso)Crypto support fixed to use cryptographically secure random number generatorECPS:VM 1.87 enhancements and bug fixes (Bob Polmanter)Instruction counting accuracy improvedFix ./configure so --enable-optimization always honoredFix dasdls crashImproved TELNET Terminal Type negotiationsFix min/max internal thread prioritiesFixes to allow building on Apple MacOS (Enrico Sorichetti, Peter Jansen)Fix bad commit causing utilities to crash (Paul Gorlinsky)Performance of TRT, CLC, CLCL and MVCIN instructions vastly improved (Fish and Ivan Warren)What's new in release 3.13Release date: 30 September 2017CTC corrections (Peter J. Jansen)ECPS:VM corrections (Bob Polmanter)SIE corrections (Ivan Warren)PCC,KM,KMCTR,CUxx,CSST corrections (Juergen Winkelmann)Miscellaneous bug fixes (Drew Derbyshire, Doug Wade, Peter Coghlan,Peter J. Jansen, Alexei Chmelev, Gert Caers)Downloadhercules-3.13.tar.gzWhat's new in release 3.12Release date: 30 November 2015dasdload corrections and support for loading ASCII TEXT files (Roger Bowler)comm3705_RU-size+unack_attn_delay patch (Juergen Winkelmann)CCKDDUMP/CCKDLOAD support for DSNTYPE=LARGE (Christophe Varlet)CMPSC corrections (Bernard van der Helm)Miscellaneous bug fixes (Peter Coghlan, Gert Caers, Giuseppe Vitillaro,Bill Carlborg, David "Fish" Trout)Downloadhercules-3.12.tar.gzWhat's new in Version 3.11Release date: 15 September 2014Floating-Point-Extension Facility (Roger Bowler)Enhanced Channel-to-Channel Adapter via TCP/IP (Peter J. Jansen)Load/Store-on-Condition Facility corrections (Neale Ferguson)LCS corrections (Paul Gorlinsky, David "Fish" Trout, Ivan Warren)Floating-Point-Extension Facility corrections (Neale Ferguson)CMPSC corrections (Bernard van der Helm)Load sequential datasets from XMIT files (Roger Bowler)Eliminate compiler warnings for Linux and Mac (Roger Bowler)Downloadhercules-3.11.tar.gzWhat's new in Version 3.10Release date: 1 February 2014Fix incorrect PSW IA in SIE mode with PER (Ian Worthington)Corrections to build procedures (Mike Frysinger, Dan Horak)Fixes for Mac OS X (Butch Anton, Adam Vandenberg, Enrico Sorichetti)Configuration topology facility fixes (Paolo Giacobbis)Convert BFP instructions to use SoftFloat package (Roger Bowler)Preliminary support for 2GB page frames (Roger Bowler)PFMF fixes (John P. Hartmann)CMPSC corrections (Bernard van der Helm)dasdls enhancements (Chris Cheney)Download: hercules-3.10.tar.gzWhat's new in Version 3.09Release date: 15 July 2013Allow regex replacement variables in HAO commands (Roger Bowler)Prevent duplicate EQID (Gordon Bonorchis)Permit concurrent read access to printer and punch files (Roger Bowler)DFP zoned-conversion facility (Roger Bowler)Execution-hint facility (Roger Bowler)Miscellaneous-instruction-extensions facility (Roger Bowler)Load-and-trap facility (Roger Bowler)Fix for VSAM Extended Format (David "Fish" Trout)APL\360 2741 patch (Max H. Parke)Fix interval timer repeating interrupt (Ivan Warren, Kevin Leonard)Corrections to build procedures (Mike Frysinger, Dan Horak)Miscellaneous bug fixes (Roger Bowler)Download: hercules-3.09.tar.gzWhat's new in Version 3.08Release date: 8 December 20121403 and 3211 FCB support (Enrico Sorichetti)Shutdown on SIGTERM (Frans Pop)Disable close-window button (Paul Gorlinsky)Allow larger IPL text (Laddie Hanus)Drop support for Cygwin, Win98, WinNT, Win2000 (Roger Bowler)Windows shutdown handlers (Paul Gorlinsky)Dynamically loadable instructions (Jan Jaeger)Additional codepages (Kevin Leonard)Load/Store-on-Condition Facility (Roger Bowler)Distinct-Operands Facility (Roger Bowler)Population-Count Facility (Roger Bowler)High-Word Facility (Roger Bowler)Message Security Assist Extensions 3 and 4 (Bernard van der Helm)Interlocked-Access Facility (Roger Bowler)CMPSC-Enhancement Facility (Bernard van der Helm)Fast-BCR-Serialization Facility (Roger Bowler)Reset-Reference-Bits-Multiple Facility (Jan Jaeger)Access-Exception-Fetch/Store-Indication Facility (Roger Bowler)Enhanced-Monitor Facility (Jan Jaeger)Load-Program-Parameter Facility (Paul Gorlinsky)IPTE-Range Facility (Jan Jaeger)Enhanced-DAT Facility (Jan Jaeger)Increase CKD_MAXFILES from 4 to 27 for 3390-27 and -54 (Paul Gorlinsky)CKD read attention message command (Florian Bilek)Support 128 CPUs on 64-bit Linux (Jan Jaeger)Issue Hercules commands via HTTP (Robert Hodge)Compression performance enhancements (Bernard van der Helm)Compression bug fixes (Bernard van der Helm, John P. Hartmann)Crypto bug fixes (Bernard van der Helm)Hexadecimal floating-point bug fixes (Andy Polyakov)SCSI tape enhancements and bug fixes (David "Fish" Trout)3420 sense code corrections for MTS (Harold Grovesteen)Prevent multiple instances opening same output file under Windows (David "Fish" Trout)2703 and 3705 fixes and 3791 support (Max H. Parke, Juergen Winkelmann)Enable GUI support as default for all platforms (Jacob Dekel)Miscellaneous bug fixes (Paul Gorlinsky, Ivan Warren, David "Fish" Trout, Jan Jaeger,Bernard van der Helm, Roger Bowler, Kevin Leonard, Ian Shorter, John P. Hartmann)Download: hercules-3.08.tar.gzWhat's new in Version 3.07Release date: 10 March 2010Fast Synchronous Data Mover Facility (Guy Desbiens)Diagnose 210, 250, 260 (Harold Grovesteen)Extended Diagnose 204 feature (Jan Jaeger)Complete Diagnose 24 (Harold Grovesteen)Configuration-Topology Facility (Fish)HFP-Unnormalized-Extensions Facility (Harold Grovesteen)CMPSC performance improvements (Bernard van der Helm)uptime command (Fish)Raise XPNDSIZE limit to 1048576MB (Roger Bowler)MAXCPU and LPARNUM configuration statements (Roger Bowler)Add capacity model identifiers to MODEL config statement (Roger Bowler)SCLPROOT configuration statement (Jan Jaeger)Add "noclear" option to printer and card punch devices (Jay Maynard)Socket printer support (Fish)3705 SNA device support (Max H. Parke)TTY and 2741 support for 2703 (Max H. Parke)Tracing enhancements (Jan Jaeger)Allow configure --enable-external-gui for Unix buildsEnable tun/tap emulation for 64-bit Windows builds (Ivan Warren)64-bit Windows support (Roger Bowler)Raise MAX_CPU_ENGINES limit to 64 (Roger Bowler, Ivan Warren)Numerous bug fixes (Ivan Warren, Fish, Jan Jaeger, Bernard van der Helm,Roger Bowler, Jay Maynard)Download: hercules-3.07.tar.gzWhat's new in Version 3.06Release date: 11 January 2009Integrated 3270 (SYSG) console support (Roger Bowler, Jan Jaeger)HMC DVD-RAM read/write support (Jan Jaeger)64-bit native version now supported on Mac OS X (Jay Maynard)Ability to specify IFL, zIIP, and zAAP engine types (Roger Bowler, JanJaeger, Ivan Warren)Console-like message handling (David "Fish" Trout, Bernard van der Helm)Tape automount CCW support (David "Fish" Trout)CKD Locate Record Extended CCW (Greg Smith)Support for FLEX-ES FakeTape tape images (David "Fish" Trout; FLEX-ES andFakeTape are trademarks of Fundamental Software, Inc.)More complete 3490 and 3590 tape support (David "Fish" Trout)Solaris build support (Jeff Savit)FreeBSD build support (Bjoern A. Zeeb)Panel enhancements:Display virtual storage in primary, secondary, and home space (Paul Leisy)Display and modify PSW fields by panel command (Roger Bowler)Modify control registers by panel command (Roger Bowler)Specify IPL parameter by PARM operand (Ivan Warren)New panel commands: automount, cmdtgt, ctc, herc, msghld, pscp, scp,sfk (David "Fish" Trout, Bernard van der Helm)LEGACYSENSEID configuration statement (Ivan Warren)New instruction feature support (introduced with System z10):Parsing-Enhancement Facility (Bernard van der Helm)Message-Security-Assist Extension 2 (Bernard van der Helm)General-Instructions-Extension Facility (Roger Bowler, Jan Jaeger)Execute-Extensions Facility (Bernard van der Helm)Move-with-Optional-Specifications Facility (Roger Bowler)Compare-and-Swap-and-Store Facility 2 (Ivan Warren)Many emulation fixes (Roger Bowler, Jan Jaeger, Ivan Warren, David"Fish" Trout,


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