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How to Get Chitkabrey - Shades Of Grey Movie in 720p Kickass Quality

Chitkabrey - Shades of Grey Movie Download 720p Kickass

If you are looking for a thrilling and suspenseful movie to watch, you might want to check out Chitkabrey - Shades of Grey. This is a 2011 Indian drama mystery thriller film that deals with the interpersonal relationships of seven couples who are brought together by a master planner who changes their lives. The movie is full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Chitkabrey - Shades Of Grey Movie Download 720p Kickass

But how can you watch this movie online? One of the best ways is to download it in 720p kickass. This means that you can get a high-quality version of the movie from a popular torrent site. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Chitkabrey - Shades of Grey movie download 720p kickass. We will explain what the movie is about, why you should download it in this format, and how to do it safely and easily.

What is Chitkabrey - Shades of Grey Movie?

Chitkabrey - Shades of Grey is a movie that was released in 2011 and directed by Suneet Arora. The movie has a star-studded cast that includes Ravi Kishan, Rahul Singh, Sanjay Swaraj, Akshay Singh, Kuldeep Dubey, Amit Bhardwaj, Jaswinder Gardner, Khusboo Gupta, Puja Gupta, Manoylo Svitlana, Akshara Gowda, Susana Mohan, Divya Dwivedi, Ehsan Khan, Neeraj Kumar, and Pitobash.

Plot Summary

The movie follows the story of seven couples who are former students of Bangalore's PV College of Engineering. They are lured by one of their victims, Rakesh Choubey, who was a former student of the same institute and was mercilessly ragged and humiliated by them. He holds them against their wills in a mansion by armed guards and forces them to face their past lives and extra-marital affairs. He taunts them, gets them to openly confess and apologize, and lists the terms of their release. He stipulates that if the conditions are not met within 24 hours, all of them will die violent deaths.

Cast and Crew

The cast and crew of Chitkabrey - Shades of Grey movie are as follows:




Suneet Arora


Suneet Arora, Vishal Vijay Kumar, Sanjay Masoomm

Rakesh Choubey

Ravi Kishan

Jayan Mangatram Patel

Rahul Singh

Deepak Sareen

Sanjay Swaraj

Edvin Verghese

Akshay Singh

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