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Daniel Grigoriev
Daniel Grigoriev

Homemade Bale Fork V 1.0

Many know already from the Farming Simulator 2011, now it is also available for the Farming Simulator 2013thStoll of this pitchfork prongs some were removed. Now they can be used for all types of bales loaded.

Homemade Bale Fork v 1.0

These bale spikes are made to be used with the new Stoll Super 1.3 front loader by Kreters Island. I took the bale spikes from my neighbor using a similar front loader on an IHC 745-S. In real life, the two spikes are single and independent to each other, in the game invisible connected with the correct distance.

Here is my homemade Balefolk which I have now made ready for the Telekoplader by popular request. The fork corresponds to the real model except that here a Telehandler Attacher on. This fork is very stable and can move all kinds of bales easily :)

Use two forks to deflate the dough by releasing it from the side of the bowl and pulling it toward the center. Rotate the bowl as you deflate, turning the mass into a rough ball. To make a single large loaf, pick up the mixing bowl, turn it over, and plop the dough into the larger casserole dish.

To make two small loaves, use your forks to separate the dough down the center, dividing it into two equal pieces. Use the forks to lift each half of the dough into the prepared bowls. If the dough is wet and hard to handle, try lightly greasing your hands and transfer each half to a bowl by hand.

Visually, Gigabyte remained largely unchanged for World Championship VI but did receive a few upgrades, such as an improved weapon motor, a new shells specifically designed for vertical spinners, a new self-righter and D2 kit minibots for configurations where Gigabyte had spare weight. Gigabyte also boasted new configurations, including a set of spring-loaded forks for the front which were seen in the knockout rounds. Robotic Death Company also revealed that in addition to Gigabyte, some members of the team would be competing in World Championship VI with Cobalt as the UK robot's builders Dave Moulds and Sam Smith announced their retirement from the sport. Gigabyte suffered a loss in its opening fight to Uppercut, but returned to form with comfortable wins over Captain Shrederator and SMEEEEEEEEEEEEE to finish the Fight Night rounds 2-1. However, Gigabyte ultimately fell in the Round of 32 to eventual Giant Nut winner Tantrum in a close encounter. 041b061a72


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