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Project Brutality 3.0 Release Date

Hello everyone!This is the official ModDB page for Project Brutality, a standalone mod for DooM and its expansions. This project started life as an addon for Brutal DooM, but has since distanced itself. Version 3.0 is currently a work in progress. However, it is updated on a semi regular basis.

Project Brutality 3.0 Release Date

-doom/addons/fearrific-project-brutality-revisedFearrific is an addon for the famous Project Brutality, a mod for the even more famous Brutal Doom. The purpose of the addon is to add more atmosphere by replacing lots of sounds as well as changing some stuff like sprites,brightmaps,weapons,monsters and music to give Doom a scary atmosphere without touching the run&gun gameplay at all.In the first demo video there's a more detailed explaination of the changes.Demo Video: =lTAZHGP8qdYDemo Video#2: =8WmOfBUsfRMChanges:New sounds for: Doomguy, Imps, Zombies Flesh Wizards, Lost Souls, Demons, Pickups, Secret Areas, AutoShotgun, SSG.Increased bullet damage for HMG and Autoshotgun (slightly), slightly less recoil with CarbineFaster, tougher Demons, tougher Flesh WizardsSpectres are completely replaced by NightmaresNew sprites for Lost Souls/PhantasmsNew ambient music (not shown in first demo video)New brightmaps (not shown in first demo video)New SplashscreenNew Menu MusicNew Intermission MusicThat said, enjoy the mod of the mod of the mod of the game, have fun! -Vic7imCredits:Sergeant Mark IV: Brutal DoomProject Brutality Team: Project BrutalityZ86: SBrightmapsHellStorm Archon: Doom Ambient PackTheDarkArchon/Ezxariarch:Nightmare MagicWazard:PhantasmGhastly_Dragon/Captain Toenail:Lost SoulLinks:Doom Ambient Pack: =19&t=45060SBrightmaps: =19&t=29792All custom creatures: -mainmenu-136-69621

Nightmare monsters are cheesy because they interrupt the flow of combat.On their own they aren't a problem because you can devote all of your attention towards them, but in pretty much any combination with other monsters they absolutely kill the game.If you could hit them while they were invisible it wouldn't be a problem, and you could take care of them with explosions or a lucky shot, but you are only able to hit them once they initiate their melee attack much like the swamp creatures from hexen.The best tactic is to stand still and wait for them to attack and then spam F for machete attack or give them a SSG blast.But there is no time to stand still and wait for a monster to appear when you are forced to dodge projectiles or try to get cover from hitscanners.Running for cover often means you bump into a nightmare forcing you to either spend precious time attempting to kill it or make a run for another place.Kiting around in the open againt projectile enemies is also a bad idea because bumping into a Nightmare stops you dead in your tracks.The only surefire way to deal with them along with any combination of monsters, is to stand at the opening of a bottleneck, and shoot down the corridor with a rapidfire weapon turning the game into a sentry gun simulator.I just checked out the January release which hasn't even been posted here and there's still no option to remove spectres from the mod.


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