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Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven PORTABLE

Since driving plays such an important role in Mafia, you'll become familiar with streets and landmarks of Lost Heaven quickly. Most of the missions require you to drive to a specific area, and some are actually timed, so you'll always be on the lookout for alternate routes that shave a few seconds off your time. Of course, an alternative method to finding shortcuts is to run red lights or drive on the wrong side of the road, and while you may think this is perfectly acceptable, the citizens and the police of Lost Heaven don't seem to think so. Whenever you drive toward oncoming traffic or run a red light and cross through a busy intersection, cars will flash their lights and honk at you. If you happen to catch the attention of a police officer by performing similarly reckless acts--like running over pedestrians--in your vehicle, then the police will attempt to pull you over. Getting lost in the city should never be a problem, as the development team plans to incorporate a pointing device that indicates whether you're heading in the correct or incorrect direction.

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven




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