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No Pressure No Diamonds

Diamonds are formed when carbon is placed under an immense amount of pressure which equals 725,000 pounds per square inch. This is incredible! How can something so amazingly beautiful and treasured result from a process, that on the surface, appears to be very destructive. When you think about it, this is a fantastic example of how we as humans can turn our daily pressures into something positive.

No Pressure No Diamonds

Pressure is a positive force and can be leveraged when we are in command of the situation. If we lose our sense of control, however, we can quickly feel overwhelmed and anxious. Developing an internal sense of control can boost our ability to monitor and deal with rising pressure. What are some ways that you can develop an internal sense of control?

If you want to be a diamond you must first face the pressure, stand strong through the pressure then and only then have you earned the right to shine brighter than you could ever imagine ultimately now also helping others shine.

The constant pressure to figure out what the partner's role is, what the best partner strategy is, and who the ideal partners are. The pressure to get them onboarded, to figure out as a team how to convince sales, marketing, products, service, and support teams to believe in them. And, of course, the pressure of not driving enough leads.

Not to mention the pressure to meet individual goals, because the aim is to look back at the end of the year and see that targets were met. But, in reality, there are many moving parts, many factors, and many unknowns.

Pressure is defined as the force exerted on an object or the feeling of stressful urgency. The former applies to the diamond, formed with heat and pressure deep in the Earth's mantle. In sports, the latter applies to high-profile stars like Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, who faces astronomical expectations as the face of a proud franchise.

The most beautiful things in the world result from the most difficult of circumstances. So when times are tough and you are feeling the pressure, just remind yourself that God is just making you into a perfect diamond, so hang in there, endure it well, and then watch for your sparkle to appear!

See, the greatest things in the world grow under ground, under pressure, where the odds defy them and where you'd never imagine what they will one day become. Sounds a bit like you, right? And our beans. 041b061a72


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