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Eastern Front Kill All Script

Despite Russia closing in on every front, Ostermann is determined to protect his country and heads north to stop the Russians from invading Berlin. He succeeds but in the process is shot and killed. Or so we think. Ostermann wakes up in some field being mass-buried with other deceased German soldiers. Ostermann kills the Russians, steals their truck, and drives home.

Eastern Front Kill All Script

Yeah, the killing was happening right there. Our kids were listening in. We-- while they're describing on theradio and I'm talking back to them and saying how people are being killed intheir front yard, and I'm saying, "We're trying to get help." And we're just trying to figure outwhat we can do. This whole drama'sunfolding, and our kids are standing there, glued to this thing. And all of a sudden, I go, "Whoa." I see, you know, one of them standingthere and just transfixed. So Isay, "Theresa, take him away."

VALENTINA IRIBAGIZA: [through interpreter] Isaw the soldiers come in, and they started shooting and shooting. All we had to defend ourselves wererocks. And our local governor,Gacumbizi, came in and stood in front of us. Gacumbizi said that everyone should know what they werethere for. He said that all thosewho were there should be killed, that no one should survive.

Tonight, President Obama addressed the Nation to announce that the United States has killed Osama bin Laden, the leader of al Qaeda. Watch his full remarks here or read his full remarks below, and learn more from the transcript of the White House briefing call afterwards.

Todd McCarthy of Variety wrote that Valkyrie "has visual splendor galore, but is a cold work lacking in the requisite tension and suspense". McCarthy considered Cruise as "a bit stiff but still adequate" as von Stauffenberg. The critic believed that McQuarrie's script was well-carpentered but felt that compressing and streamlining the events to make a known failed plot more thrilling lacked a "sufficient sizzle into the dialogue or individuality into the characters". McCarthy missed "many of the interesting personal and political nuances pertaining to these men" that were not detailed. He thought that the production design by Lilly Kilvert and Patrick Lumb stood out, that Newton Thomas Sigel's cinematography had a "restrained elegance", and that John Ottman performed well in his dual role as editor and composer.[129] A similar sentiment was stated by Mike LaSalle in the San Francisco Chronicle, who wrote "There's nothing inherently laughable about the spectacle of Tom Cruise with an eye patch and a missing hand, strutting around in a German colonel's uniform. But neither is there anything about him that truly suggests Claus von Stauffenberg, leader of the 1944 conspiracy to decapitate the Nazi government and stage a coup d'etat. Think of Valkyrie as a reasonably entertaining drama about the time Tom Cruise tried to kill Hitler. Do that, and it becomes possible to enjoy the movie.[130]

While von Stauffenberg listens to Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" in the film, in reality the colonel hated Wagner.[citation needed] In addition, von Stauffenberg's elder brother Berthold was also omitted from the film.[136] Bryan Singer purposely left out some of von Stauffenberg's "macho" moments in writing the character, such as the colonel's refusal of morphine to avoid addiction. He explained the removals, "There were things I actually left out because I knew people would think we were making them up ... imagine Tom Cruise saying 'No morphine!' People would think it's a contrivance."[137] In the film, von Haeften steps out in front of von Stauffenberg when he faces the firing squad, but when filmmakers attempted to reconstruct the scene based on eyewitness testimony and photographs, they discovered that the shots that killed von Haeften would also have killed von Stauffenberg, who was actually shot shortly after. Therefore, director Singer had only two members of the firing squad fire, without command, to kill von Haeften but not Stauffenberg. This attempt to explain why Stauffenberg was not killed by the shots that killed von Haeften is speculative but not impossible. Another alteration was to the portrayal of Carl Friedrich Goerdeler, played in the film by Kevin McNally. Goerdeler was written in the film to be antagonistic, dramatically representing the friction and conflict that existed within the conspiracy, though filmmakers considered him a "much more moral character" in reality.[18]

Vasily Zaitsev is a soldier in the Red Army and is sent to the front line of the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942. Forced into a suicidal charge without a rifle, he hides while a tank shell incapacitates a car. The occupant, Commissar Danilov, hides among numerous bodies, coincidentally next to Vasily, who uses his exceptional marksmanship to kill the German soldiers nearby.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film three stars out of four and wrote that it "is about two men placed in a situation where they have to try to use their intelligence and skills to kill each other. When Annaud focuses on that, the movie works with rare concentration. The additional plot stuff and the romance are kind of a shame."[18] New York's Peter Ranier was less kind, declaring: "It's as if an obsessed film nut had decided to collect every bad war-film convention on one computer and program it to spit out a script."[19] Peter Travers of Rolling Stone admitted the film had faults but said that "any flaws in execution pale against those moments when the film brings history to vital life."[20]

The film's first scene shows new Soviet troops, including Zaitsev, arriving at the Stalingrad front, being screamed at, threatened, and in general humiliated by their commanders. They are then transported and locked in crowded boxcars to stop them from deserting. According to military historian Boris Yulin, that was forbidden and is unrealistic, as the soldiers would have then been killed in case of a German air raid or shelling.[16] According to historian Alexey Isaev, who has written several books about the Battle of Stalingrad, blocking detachments were mostly used in Stalingrad as "usual combat regiments" although the film emphasizes the message that "most Soviet soldiers needed a literal gun in the back in order to go into battle". As there were many cases of heroism, it is argued it was unlikely that Soviet soldiers were motivated only by fear.[16] In regards to lack of weapons, which happened early in the war and changed by 1942, Isaev said: "There were no unarmed soldiers sent to the attack.... What is shown in Enemy at the Gates is pure nonsense."[16]

May 27, 1940 saw soldiers of the 3rd SS Division Totenkopf machine gun 97 unarmed British Tommies during the final hours of the Battle of France. The killings took place at Le Paradis, 60 km inland from Dunkirk. A 29-year-old Nazi captain by the name of Fritz Knöchlein ordered the captives, many of whom were wounded, to line up in front of a large barn. The men were mowed down by two MG-34 crews. Moments later, the perpetrators waded through the bodies dispatching any survivors with their bayonets. After the war, Knöchlein was arrested, tried and condemned by the Allies. Despite his repeated pleas for clemency, he went to the gallows in early 1949.

Larry Mayer, Plymouth, IndianaWay back in 1978, in late January, I was living on the south side of town, in Milford, Indiana. I was a mobile home electrician for Fairmont Homes in Nappanee, Indiana. The day before the big blizzard would hit us, the local weather reports were of impending doom and many snow totals were so far fetched, many people did not believe such a snow event would happen of that magnitude. I was 24 years old at that time, and very strong as I was a body builder as a hobby. I was married to my ex wife Karen at that time, and had a son living at home who was 4 years old.On the morning of the approaching storm, I noticed as I got into my truck, the wind was very calm, and the air felt funny. It had a damp feel to it. They say in Indiana, the sky is always clear before a big storm and on the day of the blizzard it was clear as it could be. Around 2:00 on that day, our boss came up to us and told us to get home. The State police said it was snowing so hard in Illinois, that you could not see across the hoods of their squad cars. We all left, laughing and making jokes of the snow storm. When I got to Indiana 6 and 15 to head south, I looked to the west and saw a terrifying sight. The clouds in the distance were black as coal and it looked like a wall coming at us. I knew right there and then, the storm predictions were possibly going to be correct. My ( ex wife) was already at work in Goshen, as she was working second shift. I turned the truck around and went up to Goshen to get her. When I got to Goshen, the snow was starting, and it was putting it down. I got the boss to let her out, and they decided to let em all out. Karen followed me in her Monte Carlo and she said all she could see was the tail lights of my truck all the way to Milford. I had a 66 Ford with cab over lights that helped me see better than most.The evening came, and so did the wind. But the wind did not pick up harder until about 10:00 that night. I went down the street at 7pm to play cards with some buddies. By 8 :00 we looked out the window and it was snowing so hard, you could barely see the street light. I went home. It took me 20 minutes to make it 2 blocks and my ex was pretty mad. Once inside, the snow started to come so hard, you literally could not see anything but snow. I for one being a young man, at 24 was pretty concerned. As the night went on, the wind picked up and many times the wind blew so hard, it broke the roof edge railings and the hinges were the only thing keeping the roof on. We thought for sure the roof was going to fly off.Morning, the day after the great blizzard. I got up and looked out the window, and I was sure somebody had stolen my wife's car. Then, the reality kicked in, that the snow was over her roof top. I ran to the front door, which had a storm door with a huge full glass window. When I opened the door, I was shocked to see snow half way up the door. ( it snowed 47 inches over night) I yelled for everybody to come look and they too were puzzled and in awe. I turned on the TV. The local news was all about the blizzard, and the entire tri-state area was under a state of emergency.On day 3, Many of our neighbors who had ignored storm warnings were out of critical goods, like baby formula and milk and bread. So, I got the sled out, and rounded up some other guys. 3 of us trudged to the north end of town. A mile and half walk. It took us 2 hours to get there. We loaded up the sled as best possible and went back, delivering what people needed, but the store was pretty well picked over when we got there. We were lucky to get what we did. I was in the shape of my life and that trek in the snow wore me out so bad, I was totally exhausted.The real drama hit us on day 4. A semi driver was stranded on Hy 15 on a bridge by Purina Chows and he had run out of fuel and any way to eat. I was able to get a snow mobile from my neighbor. He and I ( Dave Elliot) made our way through heavy high snow and got to the truck driver. We got him back home and Dave let him recover in his house, which was right across the street from us.To this day I hope I never see a snow storm as bad as that one was, it tragically killed some people, as many were stranded in their cars and so on, and ran out of fuel. As many days went by, the sound of helicopters were all you would hear, and it was 12 days until the pay loaders got the main roads opened up to be able to drive on. From that day on, I have never ignored a snow storm watch or warning. 041b061a72


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