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That night, terrorists from the Lashkar-e-Taiba organization, under the command of "the Bull", launch a coordinated assault against 12 locations across Mumbai, including the hotel. As the local police are not properly trained or equipped to handle the attack, they are forced to wait for reinforcements from New Delhi. In the ensuing chaos, Arjun, David, Zahra and Vasili are trapped in the hotel restaurant with several other guests while Sally remains with Cameron in their hotel room. A woman fleeing from the terrorists enters the hotel room, and Sally hides with Cameron in a closet as the terrorists shoot the woman and then leave.

Hotel Mumbai

Hearing of Sally's close encounter, David manages to sneak past the terrorists and successfully reach Sally and Cameron. Meanwhile, Arjun escorts the other guests to the Chambers Lounge, an exclusive club hidden within the hotel, where they hope to remain safe. David, Sally and Cameron attempt to regroup with the others, but David is captured and bound by the terrorists while Sally and Cameron are trapped inside a closet.

Meanwhile, police officer DC Vam and his partner enter the hotel in the hopes of reaching the security room so they can track the terrorists' movements. Inside, Arjun attempts to escort a mortally wounded guest to a hospital, but upon encountering the officers, she panics and flees before being killed by a terrorist. Arjun escorts the officers to the security room where they discover the terrorists about to break into the Chambers Lounge. Vam orders Arjun to stay as he goes to attack the terrorists, successfully wounding one named Imran.

Eventually, the NSG arrive, and the Bull orders the terrorists to burn the hotel down. The terrorists leave Imran to guard the hostages, and the Bull orders Imran to kill them. Imran shoots both David and Vasili, but spares Zahra when she begins reciting a Muslim prayer, allowing her to untie herself and escape.

Arjun regroups with Oberoi and evacuates the remaining guests, encountering Sally and Cameron in the process. The NSG kill the remaining terrorists, and Zahra is evacuated by an aerial work platform before reuniting with Sally and Cameron. After the hotel is secured, Arjun returns home to his wife and daughter.

A closing script reveals that those responsible for the attack remain free to this day, but the hotel was repaired and parts reopened within months of the event. The final scenes show a memorial to the staff and guests, and footage of the grand reopening of the hotel.

Jordan Mintzer of The Hollywood Reporter wrote: "Maras does an excellent job on such an ambitious first feature, covering every corner of the hotel and making each gunshot or explosion feel like the real thing. The level of verisimilitude is so high that when Maras cuts in actual documentary footage, it's hard to tell it apart from the fiction. As close to reality as a movie can be."[37]

Jeff Sneider of Collider wrote: "Australian filmmaker Anthony Maras announces himself as a major director to watch with his feature debut Hotel Mumbai. It's a true ensemble piece, with a standout performance from Bollywood legend Anupam Kher, who registers strongest as the hotel's Chef and de facto leader of the hostages."[39]

Ramada Plaza Palm Grove hotel on Juhu Beach is ideally located at the shores of the Arabian Sea and is a short distance from prime business districts, malls, and airports. Our clean and accommodating guest rooms were designed with your comfort in mind, featuring thoughtful amenities to brighten your stay.

A single moment approaches true serenity in the boilerplate true-terror thriller Hotel Mumbai. The movie depicts the 2008 terror attacks on the Indian city, some of which centered on a standoff at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. I remember the attacks; the smoke billowing from the hotel, the survivors clamoring through broken windows to escape to the ground, several floors below. The movie undertakes to present, in excruciating detail, the day's violence.

While Hotel Mumbai delivers white-knuckle tension, it's of a kind that feels shrewdly calculated, like that of a video game. Everything just seems sort of ... cruelly perfect. As soon as a group of hotel guests shuffle through a door, a gunman wanders through the frame in the background, narrowly missing his prey. In another scene, a woman hides in a closet while a gunman patrols outside. For a moment, the gunman's eyes wander over the elaborately grated door that shields her, but he misses her. She covers the mouth of the baby she's carrying to keep it from crying out, and in the moment, it's impossible not to think of it as a sort of game-level objective: Keep the baby quiet for as long as possible, and survive. In such a harrowing context, the film's presentation comes off as cold and inhumane.

Imran is unique in this aspect, however. Otherwise, characters serve as mere plot functions; this effect is most pronounced among the hotel staff, led by a chef played by Bollywood legend Anupam Kher, who perform their duties in the face of danger with a telegraphed grace and dignity that may be historically accurate but that lacks cinematic truth.

In one scene, a white hotel guest, trapped in sealed room with other guests, expresses concern over Arjun's Sikh headwear. He responds not by heeding his boss's advice and avoiding her, but rather by approaching her, showing her pictures of his family, and explaining that his turban and hairstyle follow his religious beliefs. It's almost preachy, and feels like homework.

The holy land of Sai Baba beckons you, Sun-n-Sand Shirdi, the only five star hotel located at a ten minute walking distance from the Sai Baba temple. Set amidst lush green tranquility and five acres of nirvana, simply sit back and let your senses take in the sights & sounds, reflect on a set of memories which will remain with your forever.

This branch of our hotel franchise has been especially designed to facilitate a seamless stay and comfort for all those guests who have an arrival or departure flight from Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. It is also open for those who have connecting flights (International to Domestic or vice-versa) as well as the guests arriving by road and connecting to an International or domestic flight or vice-versa. Guests would be required to show their visa and tickets at the time of arrival.

I was very happy with the service provided.the hotel rooms were very nice.we we very tired n exhausted with the travel with my came like a big relief with I came to know about the hotel.thank u for ur service.the food served was very good n reasonable.good portion.will surely come again.

Very nice hotel inside T2 arrivals of mumbai international airport. Its a transit hotel for international passengers. We liked the ambiance and rooms very much. Earlier whenever we had to transit through mumbai we had to either wait at airport or search for a hotel outside airport and that was very hectic, but this is very easy.

The gentleman who works at the reception Amir was so helpful and he made my stay very comfortable. Stay blessed Aamir. I will be coming to India again from the UK and hope to meet again. Hope all staff in hotels are like you. Abdul Patel - UK

In HOTEL MUMBAI, it's just another day at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in India in 2008. Kitchen worker Arjun (Dev Patel) is late for work and has forgotten his shoes, so he must squeeze into a too-small spare pair. Head chef Hemant Oberoi (Anupam Kher) inspects the staff and reminds them that the "guest is god." American David (Armie Hammer) arrives and checks in with his wife, Zahra (Nazanin Boniadi), their new baby, and their nanny (Tilda Cobham-Hervey). As David and Zahra dine, a group of terrorists invades the hotel and starts shooting everyone in sight. Arjun comes up with a plan to get everyone in the restaurant to the hotel's super-secret private club, while David decides to sneak back upstairs to try to rescue the baby. Meanwhile, local police do their best to stop the violence while waiting for backup. But the shocking atrocity shows no signs of ending anytime soon.

Spacious accommodation, fine cuisines and our genuine hospitality are complemented by a range of services for all guests; with special care taken for single lady travellers at the best hotel in Mumbai. We aim to ensure that your stay with us will be as comfortable, convenient and pleasant as can be.

Take your pick from the finest International flavours straight from the award winning kitchens of Fenix and authentic Italian recipes from Vetro. Enjoy your favourite dishes from our specially curated home delivery and takeaway menu.The food is prepared and packed using the highest standards of safety and hygiene by our chefs, delivered in our hotel cars and brought straight to your doorstep.Enjoy...

The Oberoi, Marrakech Nestled within 1,13,312 square metres of citrus orchards and centuries old olive groves, the hotel offers beautifully landscaped gardens and authentic Andalusian architecture inspired by traditional Moroccan palaces.

The hotel's tastefully designed 80 rooms are spacious and its large suites are ideal for families and people on business tours. The hotel's prime location, unbeatable prices, friendly staff, sumptuous food and old-world charm have ensured it a most favored status with visitors from India and abroad over the last half century.

Based on hundreds of hours of interviews with survivors and witnesses and told from the perspective of hotel guests, staff and to some extent the gunmen, the film sets out to recreate the attacks faithfully and authentically.

News of the attacks is starting to reach the hotel. The staff is worried but try to remain calm in front of the guests. The group runs to the Taj and begs for sanctuary. Hotel Manager Dilip (Vipin Sharma) opens the doors, and the people rush inside. Among them are four of the terrorists (Imran, Abdullah, Houssam, Rashid). They immediately pull out guns and start massacring everyone in sight. Bree and Eddie are separated during the melee, with Bree seemingly killed when she tries to run for the exit. 041b061a72


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