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[S8E8] Bent Out Of Shape

At the Sanctuary, Simon was hell-bent on enacting some revenge on the Hilltop for their disobedience. Negan was less hostile because as nuts as Negan can be, he still understands the value in other people as a commodity.

[S8E8] Bent Out of Shape

Being that the dumpsite was so closed off from everything else, it was like Jadis' own little world that she could create and shape how she saw fit. It was something that could be entirely different, right down to their way of communication.

BAM BAM: THE STORY OF SISTER NANCY is a feature music documentary that explores the wild story behind how Sister Nancy's hit song "Bam Bam" became the most sampled reggae vocal of all time. From Nancy's unprecedented entry into the male-dominated 80s Dancehall scene in Kingston, Jamaica, to her courageous fight to control her music, Sister Nancy's story is not only one of resilience, but also one of celebration. Ultimately, this is an inspirational music documentary about a woman dusting herself off after being held back by an industry known for silencing female artists, and hell-bent on empowering others with her music, and knowledge to make a difference. Proving to all that good music, no matter what can't be stopped! Directed by Alison Duke. Produced by OYA Media Group with Ngardy Conteh George and Duke serving as producers. (OYA Media Group)

WILFRED BUCK is a hybrid feature documentary centring on a Cree elder who's dedicated his life to unearthing and sharing Indigenous star knowledge. Weaving together his harrowing past and his present life with sky stories, this cinematic film explores colonization's attempts to extinguish Indigenous ways of knowing, the values of interrelationship that shape Indigenous science, and how this worldview paves a healthier path forward for our planet. Directed by Lisa Jackson. Producers are Lisa Jackson, Alicia Smith, and Lauren Grant. Executive producers are David Christensen, Nicholas de Pencier, and Jennifer Baichwal. (Door Number 3 in co-production with the National Film Board)

His daughters didn't hear from him again for twenty years. Victor suddenly appeared in San Francisco in 1998, not long after the girls' powers were unbound. Prue was suspicious of him, but Piper and Phoebe were more open to seeing him, as they had scarcely any memory of him. However, they grew suspicious of him after Victor admitted he wanted to take the Book of Shadows from the girls in order to protect them. When he persisted, Prue made her feelings clear on the situation by using her telekinesis to violently fling him across the room. It turned out that a trio of shapeshifters were using him to get the Book. By betting his own life to protect the girls, he finally re-earns their trust, including Prue's. However he leaves the sisters without a proper goodbye, instead leaving a home movie from the '70s of the girls on Christmas morning, on the Manor doorstep.[4] Victor wasn't heard from again for three years. Piper tried to keep in touch by sending him birthday cards, but only reluctantly because he never sent them one. 041b061a72


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