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PreSonus Studio One 5.2 Professional [WiN] BEST

With Studio One 5.2, PreSonus look to have a landmark release on their hands in regards to their flagship recording software, continuing to straddle the line between stage and studio in effortless style, and with some powerful new features that are sure to appease both the drag and drop and linear schools of production workflow in equal measure.

PreSonus Studio One 5.2 Professional [WiN]


PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional 2021 is a complete audio recording, mixing, and mastering utility that provides a flexible environment to get complete control over the audio tracks and provides a wide range of tools to control music. The latest version brings substantial updates including the Show Page for powerful live performance, the Score View for extensive notation, clip-gain envelopes, Melodyne Essential 5 integration, and MTC/MMC synchronization.It also includes various virtual instruments, effects, arrangement tools, and many other powerful features to improve productivity.You can simply edit these parameters to easily make your tracks sound even better. It has got a variety of audio loops, plug-in effects, and various presets to produce inspiring tracks.This wonderful tool also gives you the possibility to convert MIDI to audio and audio to MIDI.This smart tool has the ability to record even when memory is low which comes in handy for majority of musicians facing the lack of memory while recording an outsized project. All in all, Presonus Studio One 5 Professional 2021 is an impressive application that provides the users with advanced tools to let them create, record and mix professional-grade music and tracks. You can also download Program4Pc DJ Music Mixer 2021 Free Download.'s David Wills spends over 4 hours walking you through every feature of PreSonus's Studio Live workflow from setting up your software to work with your audio interface and MIDI controllers to creating radio-ready mixes and everything in between. DAWs 101 is a module in the training that uses easy to understand animations to teach you how a DAW works and how to use subgroups, EQ, Compression, Effects, Automation...everything you'll need to know so you can produce incredibly professional sounding tracks in Studio One.

If you have been getting frustrated trying to learn Studio One from just using the 500 page manual, then sit down, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and look over the shoulder of a professional audio engineer with 30 years in the business putting Studio One through its paces.

This course was amazing! David teaches in a way that is so easy to understand and retain. I learned a lot about studio one to help with my workflow and actually utilize the tools in the DAW! Will definitely be purchasing more products from David! 5 stars!

David makes sense and knows how to teach. You can tell he's not just "reeling" it off, he puts himself in the shoes of the student who needs to learn. Having a pro who is not just a computer face, but a real person who is a great musician and writer makes a big difference. These are by far the best courses I've encountered, and well worth the money. Here's a pic of my previous studio, Now it's a large brand new building, digital gear, (Presonus 5 and the StudioLive 64 S. I have some pics but hadn't located them)

The CTC-1 Pro Console Shaper Mix Engine FX (included with PreSonus Sphere membership) expands upon Console Shaper's features by adding tube, classic, and custom console models with control over drive, character, crosstalk, and noise. Third-party Mix Engine FX include Softube Tape, which emulates three different tape machine types, and Softube Harmonic, a powerful and versatile saturation plug-in. Both are available from

Inspiring virtual instruments and unique Multi Instruments let you combine any instrument to create your own unique library of sounds. You'll create beats faster than ever with Impact XT, our comprehensive rhythm production environment. Build your own sampled instrument with Sample One XT. From polyphonic analog to monophonic subtractive synthesis, Studio One has the sounds that make you want to create. Presence XT can be expanded with Add-on packs like Deep Flight One and PreSonus Studio Grand. Aux Channels let you easily use your hardware synths, drum machines, and groove boxes as part of your productions, so dust off that TX81Z or Portastudio and put them back to work! However you create, Studio One has a tool that makes the job easy.

Studio One 's new Show Page lets you add backing tracks, loops, virtual instruments, and plug-in racks for live musicians all from a single, intuitive interface that can easily receive content directly from any track on the Studio One Song Page. So, by the time you've finished up your studio session in Studio One, you're already more than halfway done with your stage production.

With the Show Page, Studio One is now part of the band. Use the Players section to add Backing Track, Virtual Instrument, and Real Instrument Players. The Backing Track Player has your pre-recorded material covered, including loop arrangements. The Virtual Instrument Player lets you create a virtual master keyboard from your favorite instrument plug-ins, and the Real Instrument Player opens up all your effects plug-ins to be used as an insert rack to process any live audio signal, letting you perfectly re-create your studio sound on stage.

Want to use that killer synth lead from your studio production on stage? Open it up in your Studio One Song file and send the complete instrument and effects, or even a complete instrument rack, to your Show. Each song and player in your Show Setlist can use a different virtual instrument and patch. You can even create Multi Instruments with splits and layers to play several parts at the same time.

Studio One 5.2 adds the Arranger Track to the Show Page, letting you experiment on the fly while you're on stage or live streaming from your studio. For each Arranger section in every Setlist song have a choice of five playback modes: Continue, Stop at End, Skip, Loop, or Loop and Continue; the last of which lets you repeat any section for a specific number of times before playback continues to the next Arranger Section.

Unchain yourself from the studio desk and record and mix with Studio One away from your computer using Studio One Remote for iPad, iPad Pro, Android, and Windows tablets. Control your mix, effects, and transport; trigger your custom commands and macros; edit inserts and sends; and access audio FX. Best of all: it's free for Studio One Artist and Studio One Professional users, as well as PreSonus Sphere members.

Wanted to try a new DAW as I was building a new studio. I choice Studio One & I'm glad I did. It has a very clear UI & drag & drop everything means its very easy to learn. A great DAW to get started on.. 041b061a72


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