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Jessie J - Price Tag Ft. B.o.B

And guess what?In thirty seconds, I'm leaving to MarsYeah, we leaping across these undefeatable oddsIt's like this, manYou can't put a price on a lifeWe do this for the loveSo we fight and sacrifice every night

Jessie J - Price Tag ft. B.o.B

It's not about the money, money, moneyWe don't need your money, money, money(No, I don't, we don't need it)We just wanna make the world dance(Dance, dance your ass off)Forget about the price tag (ah, ah)

The background is filled with mirrors, each with a blue barcode in it. During the chorus, four price tags drop from the ceiling and begin inverting their colors. When "world" is sung, the price tags begin to swing. There are also purple neon lines near the base. The floor is reflective. Behind the barcodes is the dancer's reflection. In the remake, the price tags do not swing at all.

The music video was directed by Emil Nava and was premiered on 30 January 2011. The video begins closing up on a giant teddy bear that is missing an eye and an arm, accompanied by a musical box-rendering of Johann Strauss II's The Blue Danube, before zooming out to show a child version of Jessie J sitting next to it, who then gets up and walks around the bear, turning her into her full-sized self. Jessie J is then shown standing and holding out her hands, and as the lyrics suggest, a coconut man and a moonhead appear on her outstretched hands (this is a reference to the two individuals who co-wrote the song with her: Dr. Luke is coconut man and Kelly is moonhead in reference to his large head) and pointing to herself (referring to herself as pea because of her small head). The video then goes back to Jessie J in the lap of the large teddy bear and shows various scenes of Jessie J holding up items that relate to the lyrics, including a huge price tag and pointing to left and the right. As the chorus begins, Jessie J is shown dancing under a money tree with dollar bills covering its branches. A scene of Jessie J is then shown of her as an oversized ballerina in a jewelry box. As Jessie J says the words "video hoes", a scene of her wearing the same outfit as in her "Do It Like a Dude" video and dancing holding her crotch, suggesting that she is not a hypocrite. Jessie J is next shown riding around on a small tricycle. As the song progresses into the second chorus, Jessie J and two background dancers are shown as marionettes, with Jessie J wearing a Pinocchio hat, dancing to the song. The video then moves to B.o.B as his verse begins, showing him dancing in front of a beat up car, that starts jumping and moving to the beat. He is then shown standing in the middle of four large, toy green army men. As his verse ends, Jessie J is shown squeezed into a doll house and holding a glass doll that is missing part of its head. As the video goes into its final chorus, scenes of Jessie J are shown her dancing with B.o.B, laying on the floor missing a leg, sitting in an oversized chair, dressed up as a doll in a blue and white dress, and dancing with her younger self. The video ends with Jessie J closing the door to her doll house; with her still inside it, the camera carries on zooming out.

This song is about the music bussiness nowadays. Music nowadays is commercial, people write songs for the money, and this song is saying that it's about the love put into the music and not about the money, success, fame it will bring. It's about the music, not the price tag

Money is not the most important thing in our life. However, nowadays people just concern about money. We all put a price on everything and we had forgotten the real meaning and matters of the things.The artist wrote this song to tell us we should not focus on money; we have to get rid of the price tags and do not be controlled by money. 041b061a72


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