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Danganronpa Absolute Despair Collection

All updates, subbed videos, and links to the transcripts will be posted here.Gameplay videos come from DannyBoyPL's playthrough and geirusy's playthrough, with permission. 8 years ago 15 notesx draex dangan ronpa another episodex absolute despair girlsx dr another episodex absolute despair translationx chapter: 2x transcriptsAnother Episode chapter 2 transcript is complete! It can be found here. Chapter 3 will be showing up tomorrow probably.

Danganronpa Absolute Despair Collection

The Servant's main goal is to help to create a happy, hopeful world, but one born from absolute despair, going so far as to assist his own enemy and start a war for the sake of this goal. As a result of brainwashing, he has a twisted disturbing obsession with Junko Enoshima. However, it seems the brainwashing affected him differently than everyone else, as he also retains his hatred for Junko and his love for hope. He also seems to be more aware of what he is doing while being brainwashed, which ironically seems to make him the most sane out of the class. Though, it should be noted that while he is still doing everything for the sake of hope, his plans are even more dangerous than before. However, after his brainwashing was undone, he appears to have abandoned his harmful ways. He is shown to be in peace with his classmates, possibly finding the bond with them the "true hope", just like what he learned during the ending of the Island Mode. 041b061a72


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