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Library Of Ruina

Welcome to the Library of Ruina Wiki, the wiki for the deck-building "library battle simulation" game made by indie South Korean studio Project Moon. As the sequel of Lobotomy Corporation, this game follows up with a new gameplay system and story, with many new battles, new characters, and a deeper look at the world of the City and the consequences of the fall of L Corp. Check out the game on PC and XBox One via Steam or the Microsoft Store.

library of ruina


They'd lost at the library, but fate it seemed gave them another chance. What were they gonna do with it now? Not work here that was for sure, and with a whole city to explore what sort of encounters could four Star of the City's have. After all these stars hadn't fallen yet, and until they did they were gonna do what they wanted.No matter the consequences.

Roland is one of the two main villain protagonists of the 2nd installment of the Project Moon universe video game, Library of Ruina. An unknown man who suddenly finds himself within the vast and infinite library of Angela.

A gang member-turned-Distortion from the game Library of Ruina, who is nicknamed "L'Heure du loup" after Robert R. McCammon's novel The Wolf's Hour. After distorting, she is recruited by Argalia along with greta_(lor) and other Distortions into the Reverberation Ensemble to storm the titular library together. 041b061a72


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