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What To Buy Your Boss For His Birthday LINK

Luckily, we've found a range of gifts for your boss that are appropriate and thoughtful while still being fun. From desk accessories that'll brighten their workspace to sweet treats that show you've been paying attention to their snacktime preferences, this list runs the gamut.

what to buy your boss for his birthday

Why is it that all offices always get freezing cold? This is the ideal gift for the boss who always complains about the office temperature. It's a plush wearable blanket they can curl up in whenever they need some extra warmth.

For the multitasking boss who works on their phone and computer simultaneously, this gift will be a godsend. It's a phone stand and wireless charger all in one, and even has space to charge their AirPods, too.

Remember when Kelly threw a party in "The Office," gave out mugs like these as party favors, and quietly exacted revenge against Dwight and Jim for missing it? Well, if your boss is a fan of "The Office," they'll appreciate having their very own version of one.

If your workplace is less formal, you could get them a personalized message from their favorite celebrity. Whether they love a certain musician, reality TV star, comedian, or actor in a show you've both bonded over, there's a good chance you can find them on Cameo. The price will depend on the star, but there are plenty of options. You can read our full review of the service here.

Sugarwish's business model is simple: You pick the number of treats they receive, the recipient gets an email inviting them to select their favorite treats, and their selected treats are shipped directly to them. It's a practically foolproof gift for a boss because everyone loves candy, and you don't have to go through the awkwardness of figuring out their address.

The hard thing about gifting planners is finding ones that work mid-way through the year. The 17-month Rifle Paper Co. planner starts from August 2022 and goes through December 2023, so your boss can mark down important dates, set to-do lists, and jot down any other notes for a long time after they get this awesome gift from you.

The makers of our favorite magnetic desk toy have a new way to reduce stress and keep your boss entertained. These tiny magnetic balls make for a good mental break as well as help us concentrate in meetings.

If there's one thing you learn about your coworkers pretty early on, it's the way they take their coffee. And these days, it seems like your milk of choice is a personality trait. This cheeky mug will help them show off their favorite (dairy-free) milk with pride.

If you and your boss have a humorous rapport going, they could get a kick out of this witty take on the everyday office signage. Plus, the sleek wooden and gold design let the sign speak for itself without appearing overly kitschy.

If you notice your boss complaining about lugging their laptop everywhere, this might be a fix they didn't realize existed. With a slim Bluetooth keyboard, your boss can leave the laptop at home and still get work done while traveling. We like this one because it's quiet and comfortable to type on.

The Korean sheet masks in this box are sure to bring some much-needed relief to any stressed-out boss. The brands, which often use out-of-the-ordinary ingredients, are usually difficult to find outside of Korea, but FaceTory makes them both accessible and affordable.

If your boss is always forgetting their charger at home and borrowing yours, this small portable cable charges up Apple devices quickly and claims to be six times stronger than the standard lightning cable, boasting a 10,000-bend lifespan. The knotted cable also looks great and makes it easy to fish out the charger from their bag.

Dagne Dover's durable and quick-drying neoprene is most notably featured in the brand's popular backpacks and gym bags, but it's also well-suited for this small bag that organizes your boss's life on the go. It includes a removable air mesh pouch and is available in a range of dusky colors and camo patterns.

What is this gift? A puzzle you can customize to look like the New York Times front page on a day special to your boss, such as the day they started work, got married, or even just a day in history they love.

Why your boss will love it: Toting cords around has always been a necessary evil, but with this wrap, available in several shades of premium leather, carrying cables can be a style statement.

Why your boss will love it: It captures the beauty of a wondrous planet in a conveniently sized tchotchke that fits on a desk. Why just look through a telescope when the wonder of space can also be right at your fingertips?

What is this gift? Personalized photos and message for a customized Greetabl box. Your boss can unfold and proudly display it at work, home, or anywhere happiness is welcome. Choose from a variety of gifts inside ranging from candles to chocolates.

Why your boss will love it: These stylish, premium goods look good while doing the environment well. Your boss will love enjoying the soothing, understated colors and feeling good about their footprint.

What is this gift? A WFH survival kit full of goodies your boss needs to curl up for a cozy day full of inspiration, including a herringbone throw, a sweatshirt, candle, and business books.

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Because this area of buying gifts for your boss is such a potential minefield you need to be extra careful. We found that there are some definite no-nos to this that you want to keep in mind and we have highlighted the top three.

In picking our gift list, we looked at items that will let your boss know you appreciate them and so we selected some personalized gifts such as a journal, card holder, and desk name sign. We also considered that some bosses are also your friends so we included a funny gifts section to cater to this kind of dual relationship.

Even as they leave, you want your boss to know that you care for their well-being and comfort as they undertake their duties. There are a few thoughtful gifts you can consider such as a neck and shoulder massager, an office footrest, a rustic desk lamp, a laptop stand among others. Any of these is bound to make a farewell gift for a boss that he/she will really appreciate.

When they're running from one Zoom to the next, their coffee often gets left behind. Ensure that it stays at the perfect temperature (read: warm) by gifting your boss this mug that uses an app to keep their coffee or tea's temperature somewhere between 120F and 145F.

Want to give your boss' chair the extra lumbar support it (most likely) needs? Then get them this comfy back cushion, which is molded to perfectly fit the contour of the lower back and includes a strap to keep it in place.

Show her you respect her accomplishments with one of the best scented candles for busy bosses. Poured by hand, this soy-based candle smells just like the coffee that powered her to the top. Its 45-hour burn time will last through many emails and meetings.

This tech gift ensures your boss will never misplace another pair of AirPods again. Available in four rich hues (which you can personalize!), the vegan leather wraps around a hard case for maximum protection. The sleek case comes with a carabiner metal clasp that makes it easy to clip onto a backpack, belt loop or key fob.

A must-have piece of camping gear, this featherlight set includes a full-size fork, full-size knife/spoon combo and reusable tether for attaching to a backpack. The useful utensils can be connected to use as prep and serving pieces, and your boss can even leave a set in the office for take-out lunches.

Water jets and raised nodes gently massage and soothe tired, overworked feet, pampering and revitalizing them. This foot spa is even splash-proof, so if your boss really wanted to, they could keep it under their desk for a little lunchtime pick-me-up.

A ceramic mug is so much homier than a to-go cup, and this one is a stunner that bosses will love to use in their home away from home. Microwave- and dishwasher-safe, its large 21-ounce size will keep them happily caffeinated all day.

If your boss has a sweet tooth, they will love these handmade macarons that feature flavors like red velvet and salted caramel. They're individually wrapped for maximum freshness, and come in a gorgeous gift-ready box.

If your boss is the ultimate go-getter, they'll appreciate the advice on how to maximize their morning routine. Straight from Women's Health editor-in-chief Liz Plosser, this book is packed with tons of actionable tips.

When your boss needs to take five, they'll reach for this magnetic silicone building set for a creative break and a bit of hand movement away from the keyboard. Hundreds of reviewers have given this five stars!

Are they always burning candles in the background of all your video calls? They'll love adding these gorgeous soy candles to their repertoire, and will of course credit you every time they get compliments.

Whether your boss adores home workouts or religiously heads to the yoga studio every morning, this soft, thick mat will be the perfect addition to their workout routine. They may even find themselves working from it in child's pose, too.

The correct protocol is that bosses should give their employees gifts but employees should not feel obligated to give a gift back, said Colleen Rickenbacher, a business etiquette consultant based in Dallas. Still, she said, it can be perfectly appropriate to give a gift to your boss, especially if you consider your boss a friend or you have worked together for a long time.

Worst-case in point: Rickenbacher recalled a time when a female employee sent flowers to the home of her male boss. It was meant as a kind gesture, but it left the wife of the boss wondering why flowers were being sent to their home by another woman. 041b061a72


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