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How Dhanak Won the National Film Award for Best Children's Film and Why You Should Watch It in Full 1080p HD

Dhanak the movie full 1080p hd: A Review

If you are looking for a heartwarming and inspiring movie to watch, you might want to check out Dhanak, a 2015 Indian Hindi-language children's road film written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor. In this article, we will review the movie and tell you why you should watch it in full 1080p hd, the highest resolution available for most devices and platforms. We will also give you some tips on how to watch Dhanak in full 1080p hd legally and ethically, as well as some alternatives and recommendations for Dhanak fans.

Dhanak the movie full 1080p hd

What is Dhanak?

Dhanak, which means rainbow in Hindi, is a movie that follows the journey of two siblings, Pari and Chotu, who live in a remote village in Rajasthan. Chotu is blind and Pari has promised him that he will get his eyesight back before his ninth birthday. When Pari sees a poster of her favorite Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) promoting eye donation, she decides to take Chotu on a 300 km trek across the desert to meet SRK and ask for his help. Along the way, they encounter various colorful characters and challenges that test their bond and faith.

The plot of Dhanak

The movie begins with Pari (Hetal Gada) and Chotu (Krrish Chhabria) walking to school together. They have a friendly rivalry over their favorite Bollywood stars, with Pari being a fan of SRK and Chotu being a fan of Salman Khan. Pari acts as Chotu's guide and protector, as he lost his vision due to malnutrition when he was four years old. Their parents died in an accident and they now live with their uncle (Vipin Sharma) and aunt (Gulfam Khan), who run a small shop in the village. Their uncle is kind but poor, while their aunt is greedy and abusive.

One day, Pari sees a poster of SRK endorsing eye donation and gets an idea. She writes a letter to SRK at his Mumbai address, asking him to donate his eyes to Chotu. She does not get a reply, but she learns from a newspaper that SRK is shooting a film in a nearby town. She convinces Chotu that they should go there and meet SRK in person. She tells their uncle that they are going on a school trip and packs some food and money. They sneak out early in the morning and board a bus to the town.

However, they soon realize that they have boarded the wrong bus and end up in another town. They meet a friendly American tourist (Chet Dixon) who gives them some money and directions. They resume their journey on foot, hitchhiking on various vehicles along the way. They also meet different people who help them or hinder them, such as a truck driver (Vijay Maurya) who tries to kidnap them, a bandit (Rajiv Laxman) who robs them but later returns their belongings, a godwoman (Vibha Chibber) who blesses them, a puppet ia, who has also worked with Kukunoor in his previous films. The songs are sung by various artists such as Papon, Monali Thakur, Shankar Mahadevan, Shivam Pathak, and Chet Dixon. The lyrics are written by Mir Ali Husain, Manoj Yadav, and Kukunoor himself. The songs are a mix of folk, pop, rock, and sufi genres, reflecting the diversity and vibrancy of Rajasthan.

The cinematography of Dhanak is done by Chirantan Das, who has captured the beauty and harshness of the desert landscape with his camera. The editing is done by Sanjib Datta, who has given the film a smooth and coherent flow. The production design is done by Haris Umar Khan, who has recreated the authentic and rustic look of rural Rajasthan. The costumes are designed by Aparna Shah, who has given the characters a colorful and lively wardrobe.

The awards and accolades of Dhanak

Dhanak has received many awards and accolades for its story, direction, performances, music, and technical aspects. Some of the notable ones are:

  • The Crystal Bear for the Best Children's Film at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival in 2015.

  • The Grand Prix for the Best Feature Film at the Montreal International Children's Film Festival in 2015.

  • The Best Film Award at the Smile International Film Festival for Children and Youth in 2015.

  • The National Film Award for Best Children's Film at the 63rd National Film Awards in 2016.

  • The Best Director Award for Nagesh Kukunoor at the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles in 2016.

  • The Best Child Actors Award for Hetal Gada and Krrish Chhabria at the Zee Cine Awards in 2017.

Dhanak has also received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It has been praised for its uplifting and heartwarming message, its realistic and relatable characters, its humorous and emotional moments, its enchanting and catchy music, and its stunning and captivating visuals. It has been rated 8/10 on IMDb, 4/5 on Times of India, and 3.5/5 on Hindustan Times.

Why watch Dhanak in full 1080p hd?

Now that you know what Dhanak is about and how good it is, you might be wondering why you should watch it in full 1080p hd. Well, there are many reasons why watching Dhanak in full 1080p hd will enhance your viewing experience and enjoyment of the movie. Here are some of them:

The benefits of 1080p resolution

1080p resolution is the highest resolution that most devices and platforms can support. It means that the image has 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically, resulting in a total of about 2 million pixels. This gives the image a sharpness and clarity that lower resolutions cannot match. You can see more details and textures in the image, as well as more colors and contrasts. You can also zoom in or out without losing quality or pixelating the image.

Watching Dhanak in full 1080p hd will allow you to appreciate the beauty and richness of the movie's cinematography. You will be able to see every grain of sand, every drop of sweat, every strand of hair, every expression of emotion on the characters' faces. You will also be able to enjoy the vibrant and varied colors of Rajasthan's culture and landscape. You will feel like you are actually there with Pari and Chotu on their journey across the desert.

The best devices and platforms to watch Dhanak in full 1080p hd



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