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How to Download and Play Mouse Guard RPG 2nd Edition PDF 50 Online

Mouse Guard RPG 2nd Edition PDF 50: A Review

If you are a fan of mice, medieval fantasy, and role-playing games, you might have heard of Mouse Guard RPG, a game based on the award-winning comic book series by David Petersen. In this article, we will review the second edition of this game, which was released in 2015, and tell you how you can get a PDF version of it for only $19.99. We will also give you some tips on how to play this game online with your friends.

Mouse Guard Rpg 2nd Edition Pdf 50

What is Mouse Guard RPG?

Mouse Guard RPG is a pen-and-paper role-playing game that lets you create and play as a mouse warrior who belongs to the Mouse Guard, an elite order of protectors who defend the mouse territories from various threats. The game is designed by Luke Crane, who also created Burning Wheel and Torchbearer, and features artwork and background material from David Petersen, the creator of the Mouse Guard comic book series.

The setting and the story of Mouse Guard

The game is set in a world where mice live in hidden villages and towns across a vast wilderness. They face many dangers, such as predators, harsh weather, and rival factions. The Mouse Guard was founded by an ancient hero named Lockhaven, who united the mice under a common banner and taught them how to fight and survive. The members of the Mouse Guard wear cloaks of different colors to signify their rank and role, and carry swords, bows, spears, and other weapons. They are respected and feared by both friends and foes.

The game follows the timeline of the comic book series, which spans from 1152 to 1159. The players can choose to play as existing characters from the comics, such as Lieam, Saxon, Kenzie, or Sadie, or create their own original characters. The game master can use the official missions from the books, such as "Fall 1152" or "Winter 1152", or create their own custom scenarios. The game encourages collaborative storytelling, where the players and the game master work together to create a memorable adventure.

The system and the mechanics of Mouse Guard

The game uses a modified version of the Burning Wheel system, which is based on dice pools and skills. The players have four main attributes: Nature, Will, Health, and Resources. Nature represents the innate qualities of a mouse, such as escaping, hiding, climbing, or foraging. Will represents the mental strength and determination of a mouse. Health represents the physical condition and endurance of a mouse. Resources represents the wealth and possessions of a mouse.

The players also have a set of skills that they can use to perform various actions in the game. Some skills are common to all mice, such as Fighter, Scout, Healer, or Loremouse. Some skills are specific to certain types of mice, such as Apiarist (beekeeper), Glazier (glassmaker), or Militarist (soldier). The players can also choose traits that describe their personality or appearance, such as Bold, Curious, Oldfur, or Scarred.

The game uses six-sided dice (d6) to resolve conflicts and challenges. The players roll a number of dice equal to their attribute or skill, and count the number of dice that show 4, 5, or 6 as successes. The game master sets the difficulty of the task by assigning a number of successes that the players need to achieve. If the players meet or exceed the required number of successes, they succeed in their action. If they fail, they face complications or consequences.

The game also uses cards to represent the actions, weapons, and conditions of the characters. The actions are divided into three types: Attack, Defend, and Maneuver. The weapons are divided into four types: Sword, Bow, Spear, and Knife. The conditions are divided into six types: Hungry, Angry, Tired, Injured, Sick, and Dead. The cards help the players and the game master to keep track of the status and the strategy of the characters during combat.

What is new in the 2nd edition?

The second edition of Mouse Guard RPG was released in 2015, after a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $600,000. The second edition contains several updates and improvements over the first edition, which was released in 2008. Here are some of the main changes:

The updated rules and features

  • The game has streamlined and clarified some of the rules, such as the conflict resolution, the skill advancement, and the recruitment process.

  • The game has added some new rules and features, such as the seasons, the weather, the towns, and the recruitment options.

  • The game has revised and expanded some of the existing rules and features, such as the traits, the weapons, the missions, and the sample characters.

  • The game has included some optional rules and variants, such as the magic system, the animal companions, and the alternative dice mechanics.

The new art and layout

  • The game has updated and improved the art and layout of the book, with new illustrations by David Petersen and a new design by Hal Mangold.

  • The game has increased the size and quality of the book, from 8.5 x 11 inches to 9 x 12 inches, and from 320 pages to 336 pages.

  • The game has added some new content and material to the book, such as a foreword by Stan Sakai (the creator of Usagi Yojimbo), a map of the mouse territories, a timeline of events, a glossary of terms, an index of topics, and a bibliography of sources.

How to get the PDF version?

If you are interested in getting a PDF version of Mouse Guard RPG 2nd Edition, you have two options:

The benefits of having a digital copy

  • You can access the PDF anytime and anywhere on your computer or mobile device.

  • You can save space and money by not having to buy or store a physical copy.

  • You can search for keywords and phrases in the PDF using a simple command.

  • You can zoom in and out of the PDF to adjust the size and readability of the text and images.

  • You can print out specific pages or sections of the PDF if you need a hard copy.

The options and the prices

  • You can buy the PDF directly from for $19.99. This is a watermarked PDF that does not include the action, weapon, and condition cards. You can download it instantly after your purchase. You can also get updates and notifications from if there are any changes or corrections to the PDF.

  • You can buy the hardcover book from for $50.00. This is a physical copy that includes a free PDF download code inside. You can use this code to redeem your PDF from after you receive your book. You can also enjoy the high-quality printing and binding of the book.

How to play the game online?

If you want to play Mouse Guard RPG online with your friends, you have several tools and platforms that you can use:

The tools and the platforms

  • You can use Discord to communicate with your friends via voice or text chat. Discord is a free app that you can download on your computer or mobile device. You can create or join servers where you can chat with other users who share your interests. You can also use bots or plugins to enhance your gaming experience.

platform that you can use on your browser. You can create or join games where you can share maps, images, tokens, dice, cards, and other elements. You can also use scripts or macros to automate some of the game functions.

  • You can use Tabletop Simulator to simulate a physical tabletop. Tabletop Simulator is a paid app that you can buy on Steam. You can create or join games where you can manipulate 3D models of boards, pieces, cards, dice, and other objects. You can also use mods or workshop items to import custom content.

The tips and the best practices

  • You can use a webcam or a microphone to enhance your immersion and interaction with your friends. You can also use gestures, expressions, or props to convey your character's emotions and actions.

  • You can use a shared document or a wiki to keep track of your character's sheet, inventory, notes, and other information. You can also use a shared calendar or a scheduler to plan your sessions and avoid conflicts.

  • You can use a screen recorder or a streamer to record or broadcast your sessions for future reference or entertainment. You can also use a video editor or a podcast maker to edit or share your sessions with others.


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, Mouse Guard RPG 2nd Edition is a great game for anyone who loves mice, medieval fantasy, and role-playing games. It has a rich and immersive setting, a simple and elegant system, and a beautiful and updated book. It also has a PDF version that you can get for only $19.99 from or for free with the purchase of the hardcover book from You can also play this game online with your friends using various tools and platforms such as Discord, Roll20, or Tabletop Simulator.

Call to action

If you are interested in Mouse Guard RPG 2nd Edition PDF 50, don't hesitate to buy it now and join the Mouse Guard today. You will have hours of fun and adventure with your fellow mice in this wonderful world. You can also check out the Mouse Guard comic book series by David Petersen to learn more about the lore and the characters of this game. And don't forget to share your stories and experiences with other fans on social media or online forums. Thank you for reading this article and happy gaming!

FAQs Q: What is the difference between Mouse Guard RPG 2nd Edition PDF 50 and Mouse Guard RPG Boxed Set? A: Mouse Guard RPG 2nd Edition PDF 50 is a digital version of the rule book that contains everything you need to know about the game. Mouse Guard RPG Boxed Set is a physical version that contains the rule book, plus some additional components such as cards, dice, maps, and miniatures. Q: How many players do I need to play Mouse Guard RPG? A: You need at least two players to play Mouse Guard RPG: one game master who runs the game and one player who controls a mouse character. You can have more players if you want, but the game works best with three to five players. Q: How long does it take to play Mouse Guard RPG? A: It depends on how much time you have and how much detail you want to include in your game. A typical session of Mouse Guard RPG lasts about two to four hours. A typical mission of Mouse Guard RPG lasts about one to three sessions. Q: What kind of dice do I need to play Mouse Guard RPG? A: You need six-sided dice (d6) to play Mouse Guard RPG. The game uses different colors of dice to represent different attributes and skills: white for Nature, black for Will, red for Health, blue for Resources, green for Skills, and yellow for Traits. Q: Where can I find more resources and support for Mouse Guard RPG? A: You can find more resources and support for Mouse Guard RPG on the official website (, on (, on Reddit (, on Discord (, and on other online platforms. 71b2f0854b


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