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One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (Official Video) REPACK

I remember seeing the video surface on Tumblr three years ago, with captions like "And just like that, I'm a One Direction fan." The term "directioner" was just being born. Shortly after the video emmerged, fan accounts sprung up like ice cream trucks near a playground. One Direction had arrived, and we all wanted a taste.

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (Official Video)


As the perfect boy band, they were wholesome, not scandalous; easygoing, not brats; smiley, not moody. They told us "You don't know you're beautiful, that's what makes you beautiful." They zeroed in on our insecurities and urged us to rethink them. It was a song that induced swooning along with a self-esteem boost. "What Makes You Beautiful" was everything teens needed at the time, and One Direction just made you feel good about yourself.

In their most recent video for "You and I," 1D returned to the shore, strolling down a pier in wool sweaters and a gray sky overhead. But they're older now -- they're taking it slower and getting increasingly sincere. There are no smiles in the "You and I" video, but that's OK. They've already got our attention, and now we have to hear what they've got to say.

Its premise was simple and not that novel; there have been and will be music videos that feature people frolicking on the beach until the end of time. But the video was a major launching point. It was start of something very new. The little boy band that could, formed by Simon Cowell on X Factor, was suddenly destined to become a thing. No, better yet, the thing. We all followed in the same direction (sorry) shortly thereafter.

Point number one,There this girl who thinks that she's not really beautiful aka she's very insecure about herself.Point number two, The girl is being loved by this guy who looks through her all the flaws and thinks she's beautiful naturally..he's totally in lover with her actions,smiles just everything!Point number three, the guy is indicating to see herself from his eyes!And fellas! Beauty comes with what? Whats beauty actually? That guy is trying to make her feel real,goddamn..i love ths song!

It's about a girl who does not think that she is beautiful because she doesn't know it yet but the guy tells her that she is beautiful like when Liam says "You're insecure don't know what for you're turning heads when you walk through the door" and that the guy is saying that she is insecure and that she is turning her head when she walks through the door and then Liam says "Don't need make-up to cover up being the way that you are is enough" and he is also saying that she doesn't need make-up to cover her identity and that the way she is enough.

It's a guy singing about that he loves everything about a girl and she doesn't know that she's beautiful but if she could see through his eyes.maybe she would understand that she's wrong and she is beautiful and she just doesn't know her smile and her actions.make him fall for her and how she doesn't know that she's beautiful is the fact that makes her beautiful cause she doesn't act like she's a princess or all that she acts like a normal person and is insecure but that's why she's beautiful in the inside and on the outside

Why the hell would anyone think that producing a song that is about the exact same thing that every other song is about. Yes we've heard, you saw a girl, thought she was pretty, had someone else write this sugarcoated song for you while you sat around a table admiring your Maybachs while drinking bourbon and smoking cigars, made a bunch of instrument machines play instrumentals, sang it, auto tuned it, did a crappy video, styled your hair, made another hundred thousand dollars, and bought three Bentleys, lets compare you to the Beatles a band who writes experimental and different songs, sings them, sells them, and makes money they earned.

This song first of all BS its not a good song its just REALLY ANNOYING its about a girl that one of the members wants to date so they keep singing to her til she says yes kinda like what Justin beiber did in the baby music video

It is about girls who have insecurities and need to be told more often that they are beautiful inside and out. They sing what every girl wants to here, especially people going through hard times and insecurity. Other songs that have a similar topic by One Direction are 'Little Things' and 'Diana"These 3 songs mean the world to me. 041b061a72


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