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Download LINK File The Last Dragon King_ Kings Of - ...

Passing Hawberk's door again I saw him still at work on the armour, butI did not stop, and stepping out into Bleecker Street, I followed it toWooster, skirted the grounds of the Lethal Chamber, and crossingWashington Park went straight to my rooms in the Benedick. Here Ilunched comfortably, read the Herald and the Meteor, and finallywent to the steel safe in my bedroom and set the time combination. Thethree and three-quarter minutes which it is necessary to wait, while thetime lock is opening, are to me golden moments. From the instant I setthe combination to the moment when I grasp the knobs and swing back thesolid steel doors, I live in an ecstasy of expectation. Those momentsmust be like moments passed in Paradise. I know what I am to find at theend of the time limit. I know what the massive safe holds secure for me,for me alone, and the exquisite pleasure of waiting is hardly enhancedwhen the safe opens and I lift, from its velvet crown, a diadem ofpurest gold, blazing with diamonds. I do this every day, and yet the joyof waiting and at last touching again the diadem, only seems to increaseas the days pass. It is a diadem fit for a King among kings, an Emperoramong emperors. The King in Yellow might scorn it, but it shall be wornby his royal servant.

Download File The Last Dragon King_ Kings of - ...

//document.domain = "";function login_form(d) var login_url = ' ';if (d != null) login_url = login_url + '?r=' + escape(d);,'hglogin','height=300,width=400,location=false,menubar=false,resizable=false,scrollbars=false,status=false,toolbar=false');function logout(d) var logout_url = ' ';if (d != null) logout_url = logout_url + '?r=' + escape(d);,'hglogout','height=200,width=400,location=false,menubar=false,resizable=false,scrollbars=false,status=false,toolbar=false');function submit_file() login_form("/blacksmith/submit.php?1680372971");function get_file(fileid,s) window.location="/blacksmith/getfile.php?id="+fileid+"&s="+s+"&r="+escape(document.location);function submit_comment(fileid) login_form("/blacksmith/comment.php?id="+fileid+"&1680372971");function edit_comment(cid) login_form("/blacksmith/comment.php?id="+cid+"&1680372971");initFavorites(219,null)Downloads Home Campaigns The King's Best Men v2.1 The King's Best Men v2.1AuthorFile DescriptionIngo van ThielPosted on 07/16/00 @ 12:00 AM (updated 06/18/05)File DetailsVersion:Age of Kings 1.0Style:MixNumber of scenarios:5THE STORY:This tale begins where The Quest ended.You are Charles, one of King Bernard's best commanders. The last war has turned you and your friend Siegfried into heroes, but King Bernard has claimed the glory for your deeds. But all this is a thing of the past for you, Charles. You have seen too many battles, and you know what glory is worth. Actually, you even grinned when King Bernard gave himself the title 'The Brave'; Oh well. Why not let him if he wants to?Unfortunately, Siegfried finds it much harder to deal with the outcome. Whenever he has had one drink too many, he will roar about the room that King Bernard is the greatest coward who ever walked on this earth. Dangerous words indeed, words that should not even be breathed in public. You have been watching over Siegfried, and you have managed to keep him out of trouble.Until tonight.You should never have walked into this doomed country inn...Just one minute ago, Siegfried was silently staring at his beer cup. But now he slowly rises from his seat, pressing his knuckles on the table. He bursts out into a song of defiance, a song that mocks King Bernard the Brave for his lack of bravery.You pull Siegfried by the shoulder to stop him, but it is too late. Three men at the next table are jumping up and casting fierce looks at you and your friend... THE GAME:Recommended settings: Normal speed, moderate difficulty, music turned off. Most of the time you'll be playing a fixed force game, but sometimes you'll have to build up... and to do it fast. Like its prequel 'The Quest' this campaign is designed to be tough, but winnable. If you have some experience with the game and like tactical challenges, go for it... and don't forget what the Save button is good for! ;-)Important: Sound files are a must for this campaign! So let me talk you into downloading them as well. Each sound zip is about 2 MB big (I know, I know, they'll take some time to download - but they're worth it!). Extract all files to your Age of Kings folder - they should go to the right directories. You can get the first file Here and the second HereSpecial thanks to everybody who playtested this campaign! The playtester's names are mentioned in the 'History' section of the first scenario. The story starts in The QuestFor more of the author's work click Here and HerePages: [1] 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last AuthorComments & Reviews ( All Comments Only Reviews Only )RocinantePosted on 09/15/00 @ 12:00 AMThis campaign is extraordinary. The best I've played so far and I've played *LOTS*. It's got superb storytelling, clever trigger work, wonderful maps, excellent music (d/load it even if it takes a while, it's worth), and a brilliant script. I liked the idea about changing roles. Ingo you are a Maestro. Please give us more, we are starving for more. One thing you could probably improve your stories is by making the opponents less reliant on following the story and maybe giving the player one or two really hard battles, otherwise is like they are just playing along the story. My suggestion: make the opponents harder to beat. Thanks for the good work. If you're thinking about downloading this, don't think any more. Start now and you can read the commments in the meanwhile. Also the music, don't forget.VicPosted on 09/16/00 @ 12:00 AMIngo should really think about his misdirected use of his talents . . . this is over-processed by a mile! Fine, I guess for those who like to be led by the nose & "chatty" "characters" . . . not my cup of meat.DavePosted on 09/21/00 @ 12:00 AMFar superior to the campaigns supplied on AOK. This guy has imagination, humour, energy and an unparalleled command of the gamemaking features. And yes Ingo I did cheat at one point! And yes Ingo I fell about laughing! Don't cheat, you'll have much more fun. If you want a very challenging campaign with loads of action download it now.Tylori DragonPosted on 09/23/00 @ 12:00 AMAlthough it's been a while since I played this campaign, I forgot to thank you for making such a beautiful work. Thank you, Ingo. :)Art Of BlackPosted on 09/24/00 @ 12:00 AMGREAT SCENARIOS MAN! But one problem, I couldn't complete the first scenario because Charles changed into "Immobile Units" at the gate of the city. But your scenarios are still great.Angel JerusalemOfficial ReviewerPosted on 09/29/00 @ 12:00 AMRating5.0BreakdownPlayability5.0Balance5.0Creativity5.0Map Design5.0Story/Instructions5.0As soon as I saw "The Kings' Best Men" on the top of the newly added campaigns list, I quickly downloaded it and the two accompanying sound archives, without any second-thoughts or hestitations. I just spent the last couple hours playing and re-playing the 5 scenarios which this masterpiece composes of. Conclusion: This is probably the best campaign yet to be released in the Age series. I would give it a 6/5, no, a 12/5, if I could. The designer of AoE and RoR classics like "Bundonian Tales" and "The Tai Gun" is back, big time, with "The Kings' Best Men", a campaign you will not want to miss. I totally speechless, as it concerns playability. Each and every one of the five scenarios is so fun, you will want to play it again. And again. To see how the plot changes, according to the paths you take. Do you remember those old "Choose your own ending" books for kids? This campaign is just like it. It shows that the designer spent countless hours completing each of these elaborate and highly enjoyable scenarios. Though I usually don't stray away from my "One paragraph per critrea" review formula, I must commend the designer for making hilarious jokes in each of the scenarios! ROFL half of the time, I guarantee. I would tell you one or two of the jokes and puns, but I wouldn't want to spoil your surprise... I'm still giggling over one of the jokes in the second scenario... Creativity left me totally flabberghasted. The dazzling circuses, the intense and touching cut-scenes, the human cannonball, the message in the bottle, the dock with the cranes... the list is endless. This campaign demonstrates skillful and creative use of the AoK Map Editor, showing us that our complaints about the editor's confined limits are downright dumb... With an imagination like Ingo's anything is possible. The Map Design left me bewildered as well. I had no idea that making a believeable waterfall was possible, but Ingo Van-Thiel proved me wrong. I had no idea that making realistic inns, escape routes, capital cities, sleepy villages and other pleasant surprises were possible, but... well, you know the continuation. Ingo Van-Thiel definately sets the design standard all designers should aspire to achieve. The Balance was absolutely perfect, in the perfect meaning of the adjective. None of the scenarios were too easy, yet they were all winnable with some careful reading of the instructions and the hints. There will not be one time you won't be on the edge of your seat, and there will not be one scenario in this campaign when in its end you won't feel relieved and victorious. The Story/Instructions were great as well. All the introductory stories are unforgettable stories, built on lucid characterizations and elegant prose. Ingo Van-Thiel reaches a great achievement -- without so much as a flashy phrase. The hints are numerous and helpful... you most likely won't win without carefully reading them. Another point I would like to commend Ingo for is the credits in the history sections of the scenarios... Ingo demonstrates maturity and morality other designers should aspire to. Will we ever achieve a perfect scenario/campaign? Will we ever accomplish this incredible feat? I don't know the answer, but with the release of this classic, "The Kings' Best Men" it seems like we are approaching that point very much indeed.JKA_Pike_ManPosted on 10/04/00 @ 12:00 AMWow... HOw do you get joan out of the city in the first SCN?XenoG_LeaderPosted on 10/06/00 @ 12:00 AM3 words best campaign EVER =)new guyPosted on 11/08/00 @ 12:00 AMAny chance you can make a TC version I lost my AOK cd. Please!!!Tonto_jlmkPosted on 11/18/00 @ 12:00 AMIt's great, and believe me I've also played several campaigns and scenarios. This is the best campaign that was ever released in the entire universe! There's just a few problems. First, in the second scenario, Mordred keeps flushing me out with his troops before I can even react. How do I counter this without cheating(which I did)? Then, in the third scenario, I always get overwhelmed by the assasins(they keep taking out my guards/Tuck). How do I solve this? Overall, other than being too tough, and too good to beat, this is the best Campaign that was ever made. Congratulations Ingo and please continue the series(I can't wait to see what happens next)!Pages: [1] 2 3 4 5 6 7 Last HGDL v0.8.1 041b061a72


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